UK-Based cryptocurrency exchange, Bitfare, lists multiple KEY trading pairs

Selfkey has partnered with the growing UK-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitfare.

9 Jan
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Bitfare SelfKey Partnership

January 9th, 2020 – The UK-based cryptocurrency exchange, Bitfare, is now listing SelfKey’s native utility token KEY.

Bitfare is a digital asset exchange platform founded by a team of cryptocurrency experts in 2019. The exchange’s advanced API provides a simple and efficient way of developing secure and sophisticated trading strategies. Bitfare users can trade with the most popular cryptocurrencies and can also use the platforms handy prepaid billing services for businesses.

The exchange’s commitment to customer service makes Bitfare an exciting proposition for customers from all over the world. We are excited to announce that Bitfare is listing KEY/BTC, KEY/ETH, KEY/USDT, and KEY/USDC trading pairs.

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Bitcoin and Ether are the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies, offering blockchain-powered immutability on public ledgers. Therefore it is excellent news that the SelfKey community has another easy way of exchanging KEY for BTC and ETH, and vice versa.

Additionally, the USDT and USDC trading pairs are equally exciting. Both are stable coins pegged to the US dollar. As a result, both currencies are a convenient way of holding digital assets while avoiding price volatility. This is particularly useful for users looking for stable on and off-ramps to the crypto world.

The SelfKey identity ecosystem is experiencing rapid growth after launching the Incorporations Marketplace on March 25th and the Bank Accounts Marketplace on August 14th. With the listing of both KEY/BTC, KEY/ETH, KEY/USDT and KEY/USDC trading pairs, thousands of new users could gain easy access to SelfKey’s ecosystem.

The availability of KEY is crucial for the long-term success of SelfKey’s mission and it is very encouraging to see Bitfare list these very attractive trading pairs.

About SelfKey

SelfKey is a leading identity management system that aims to return ownership over personal data back to the individual. To achieve this, SelfKey is building a rich identity ecosystem comprising the SelfKey Wallet, the Marketplace, Login with SelfKey and the KEY token.

About Bitfare

Bitfare Exchange is a rapidly expanding cryptocurrency exchange, supports a variety of digital asset transactions. The platform is committed to discovering high-quality innovative digital asset investment opportunities, and provides safe and efficient global digital asset enthusiasts by building a first-class platform and integrating quality assets.