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Blockchain Meets AI: SelfKey DAO and AlphaKEK Partnership

The fresh partnership between SelfKey DAO and AlphaKEK.AI has the potential to open doors for SelfKey DAO to broaden its presence in the dynamic AI industry.
26 Mar 2024


In the dynamic digital realm, SelfKey DAO aims to stand out as the premier decentralized solution for digital identity management through the introduction of its flagship product, SelfKey iD.

SelfKey iD was crafted with Self-Sovereign Identity (SSID) at its core, aiming to return control of personal data to the user, thereby enhancing the security of digital identity management. 

This characteristic, coupled with the utilization of Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proof and AI-driven proof of individuality, positions SelfKey iD as the optimal choice for AlphaKEK.

AlphaKEK, an AI laboratory powering Web3 tools and applications with an advanced, impartial AI infrastructure, consistently strives to enhance the value and functionality of its ecosystem. 

Their successful integration of SelfKey iD SBT into their backend systems is crucial for ensuring the continued compliance and security of the AlphaKEK platform, particularly as it explores more immersive features such as airdrops.

In this article, we will delve deeper into SelfKey DAO, SelfKey iD, and the valuable partnership forged with AlphaKEK.


  • A Brief Introduction to AlphaKEK AI
  • SelfKey DAO’s Digital Solutions: SelfKey iD
  • Partnership Goals
  • Conclusions

A Brief Introduction to AlphaKEK AI

AlphaKEK: Pioneering the Future

AlphaKEK.AI stands as an innovative AI laboratory driving Web3 tools and applications with its cutting-edge, impartial AI infrastructure. Deploying a suite of AI apps, AlphaKEK.AI offers the crypto community a distinctive fusion of functionality, entertainment, and utility.

Vladimir Sotnikov, CEO of AlphaKEK.AI, has deep roots in the AI industry, with connections extending to OpenAI and NVIDIA. This trajectory could potentially pave the way for SelfKey DAO to explore expansion in similar directions down the line.

Exploring Their Mission

AlphaKEK.AI's suite of AI-powered products encompasses conversational and research assistants available on both web and Telegram platforms. 

Leveraging real-time data, advanced analytics, and soon, AGI capabilities, these tools provide tailored, actionable insights for individuals and businesses seeking to navigate and capitalize on the dynamic Web3 ecosystem.

Included in AlphaKEK.AI's offerings are multiple AI Apps, such as a crypto news reports analyzer that continuously scans crypto news sources across the internet, generating regular updates and enabling users to create personalized reports. 

Additionally, there's an uncensored chatbot and a market sentiment analysis tool.

Moreover, AlphaKEK.AI provides a Telegram bot, enabling users to access the latest crypto reports and engage with the AI chatbot directly through the Telegram platform.

SelfKey DAO’s Digital Solutions: SelfKey iD

SelfKey DAO places a significant emphasis on individuality within its framework. In the SelfKey Protocol, every member's uniqueness is highly valued as a means of safeguarding their digital identity from theft and forgery. 

The goal is to establish a secure environment through AI-Powered Proof of Individuality, enabling valued members to engage in online interactions using trustless and secure methods.

SelfKey DAO strives to deliver secure digital identity solutions. Leveraging robust credentials in cryptography and blockchain technology, its objectives encompass empowering users with control over their data. 

SelfKey iD: Revolutionizing Digital Identity Management

SelfKey iD is a cutting-edge technology with a goal to revolutionize online identity verification. By leveraging its innovative on-chain credential system, SelfKey iD aims to provide a quicker, more secure, and cost-effective alternative to conventional identity verification methods.

This novel approach to online identity verification stems from extensive research, user feedback, and collaborative efforts. 

Aligned with the vision of industry experts such as W3C and the authors of the soulbound token paper, SelfKey DAO aims to establish a modern and potentially more secure identity verification solution.

With SelfKey iD, users may gain complete autonomy over their digital identities. They may efficiently manage, securely store, and selectively share their credentials with chosen parties. 

This may not only foster user confidence but also serve as a deterrent against identity theft and fraudulent activities.

Overall, SelfKey iD marks a significant advancement in the realm of digital identity verification. It may have the potential to reshape the landscape of online authentication practices.

Partnership Goals

The goal of SelfKey DAO is to empower individuals to take full control of their private data, enabling them to securely participate in Web3 transactions while preserving their individuality. 

Therefore, this collaboration represents a major stride in improving user experience and security within the AlphaKEK ecosystem, as SelfKey DAO strives to be a pioneer in decentralized identity services.

User Benefits and Perks

This partnership offers several notable benefits, such as:

  • Seamless Identity Verification - Users can effortlessly verify their identities using a SelfKey iD, thanks to the services provided by SelfKey DAO for AlphaKEK. This is crucial for maintaining compliance and security standards, especially with the introduction of interactive features like airdrops.
  • Discounted Services - AlphaKEK users are entitled to a significant 60% discount on SelfKey's identity verification service by utilizing the code ALPHAKEK. This substantially reduces the entry fee to just $10, making identity verification more accessible.
  • Airdrop Incentives - New holders of SelfKey iD will receive an airdrop of 50 $SELF tokens, the governance token of SelfKey DAO. This serves as an attractive incentive for users to engage with SelfKey's ecosystem and participate in its governance processes.
  • AlphaKEK Benefits - owning a SelfKey iD SBT will be equivalent to holding $99 worth of $AIKEK tokens when calculating a user's tier for accessing token-gated AI applications on AlphaKEK. 

For instance, if a user already holds $50 worth of $AIKEK tokens, adding a SelfKey iD SBT to their portfolio will elevate their total value to $149 worth of $AIKEK for the purpose of tier computation. 

This would make the user eligible for Tier 2. Higher tiers give access to more powerful tools. Read more here.

Future Potential

The partnership between SelfKey DAO and AlphaKEK presents mutual advantages, fortifying each entity's position within the digital landscape.

For SelfKey DAO, the collaboration translates into amplified user adoption. Integration with AlphaKEK widens the scope of potential users, drawing more individuals into SelfKey DAO's platform and ecosystem. 

Furthermore, the partnership enhances the utility of SelfKey tokens (SELF), incentivizing users to hold and utilize them by offering discounts on particular services and airdrop incentives.

On the other hand, AlphaKEK benefits from strengthened security measures by utilizing SelfKey DAO's services. This partnership underscores AlphaKEK's commitment to providing a secure and compliant environment for its community, fostering trust among users. 

Additionally, AlphaKEK can streamline operations and reduce costs by entrusting identify verification processes to SelfKey DAO. This may allow SelfKey DAO to focus on expanding their AI product suite and core competencies


As we transition further into the digital realm and entrust our personal data to online platforms, the demand for advanced digital identity management solutions surges, promising heightened digital security.

The partnership between SelfKey DAO and AlphaKEK embodies this need for enhanced digital identity management. 

Through collaboration, they leverage each other's strengths to drive innovation and instill trust within the community. SelfKey DAO provides cutting-edge services, reinforcing AlphaKEK's commitment to security and compliance. 

In turn, AlphaKEK's focus on expanding AI products allows SelfKey DAO to concentrate on refining its identity management solutions. This symbiotic relationship not only streamlines operations but also fosters an environment of collaboration and mutual growth.

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SelfKey Protocol is maintained by a DAO of SelfKey iD Holders. Join us and help revolutionize identity management in Web3!
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