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22 Sep 2022
SelfKey Marketplace
A variety of financial, corporate, citizenship, and crypto services are available through the SelfKey Marketplace, and users can compare, contrast, and instantaneously sign up for them.
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01 Dec 2022
Passports & Residences Marketplace
Through investment programs, the Passports Marketplace enables SelfKey Wallet users to acquire secondary citizenship in several nations.
significance decentralized identity
28 Nov 2022
SelfKey Community Question
A verifiable proof of existence is often needed for citizens to access essential services like healthcare, banking, and education. This is one of the significances of…
Exchanges Marketplace
25 Nov 2022
Exchanges Marketplace
You can analyze several exchange accounts and sign up instantly on the SelfKey exchange marketplace.
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Passports Marketplace
23 Nov 2022
SelfKey Passports Marketplace
SelfKey Wallet users can apply for alternate citizenship through investment programs in many different locations with the help of the SelfKey Passports Marketplace. Alternative citizenship can…
SelfKey Soulbound NFT
22 Nov 2022
Soulbound NFTs.
When it is impossible to transfer an NFT without the owner's consent, it is much harder for someone to steal or sell it fraudulently.
Twitter Elon Musk SelfKey
21 Nov 2022
Decentralized Identity by SelfKey: How Elon Musk Can Fix Twitter 🛠
How Elon Musk can fix Twitter using SelfKey & decentralized Identity Part 1 - Issues with identity, trust, and revenue. A Twitter Thread 👇🏼
Certifier's Platform
16 Nov 2022
Certifier's Platform
The Platform allows Identity Owners to verify and attest their personal data or documents with the help of real-world notaries for a standard fee.
The Incorporations Marketplace
14 Nov 2022
Incorporations Marketplace
Users of the SelfKey Wallet can now establish a business overseas with full transparency on charges and KYC procedures in the jurisdiction of their choice.
bank accounts Marketplace
10 Nov 2022
Offshore bank accounts Marketplace
SelfKey’s Bank Accounts Marketplace makes it easier to open foreign bank accounts.

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