Category: Living Avatar NFTs

SelfKey Living Avatar NFTs
10 Sep 2022
Living Avatar NFTs 👩‍💻
Other projects could also decide to utilize and modify this solution, particularly if they want to protect their customers from less obscure dangers like social media…
Leveraging Blockchain Technologies
26 Aug 2022
Leveraging blockchain technologies
Endeavoring, with the support of the NFT, to establish and uphold credentials throughout all platforms. The NFT would enable people to build and maintain identities across…
SelfKey Credentials, MetaProof, NFTs
01 Jul 2022
Does Discord Care about User Security? SelfKey Does…
As the digital world transforms from centralized to decentralized, identity management alone can’t remain in the past. A properly implemented decentralized identity management solution is a…
SelfKey is a fast-growing blockchain startup developing digital identity solutions. We empower individuals and corporations to take back ownership of their identity data.
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