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SelfKey 2.0 – Your KEY to Identity in the Metaverse

The launch of SelfKey 2.0 commences with a simple design update to the SelfKey website, which underlines the new mission statement of “KEY to the Metaverse.” However, this is a huge step as SelfKey 2.0 may help position SelfKey as a prominent project that strengthens and/or provides the identity layer for the Metaverse.

14 Dec, 2021
SelfKey Metaproof Platform

Metaproof Platform

Through identity verifications, a decentralized identity platform like the Metaproof Platform, controlled by active user participation and owned by its users, might successfully sort bots from humans.

27 Sep, 2022
Web3 Soulbound NFTs

Soulbound NFTs

SoulBound NFT’s significant characteristics show how crucial non-transferable NFTs will be for the growth of Web3.

23 Sep, 2022
The SelfKey Marketplace

SelfKey Marketplace

A variety of financial, corporate, citizenship, and crypto services are available through the SelfKey Marketplace, and users can compare, contrast, and instantaneously sign up for them.

22 Sep, 2022
The Ethereum Merge

The Ethereum Merge

As a result of the upgrade, Ethereum implemented proof-of-stake, a more energy- and environmentally-friendly mechanism.

20 Sep, 2022