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Certifiers are the third party validators within the SelfKey Ecosystem, attesting and verifying identity claims.
Become a SelfKey Certifier and create an additional income stream to scale your business internationally.
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What Are Certifiers?

Certifiers are service providers within the SelfKey Network that attest and verify identity claims.

For example, a notary may verify a copy of a utility bill from an individual looking to open a new offshore company.

Grow your client base as a Certifier in the SelfKey Marketplace.

Who Can Be A Certifier?

Lawyers, notaries, accountants, solicitors, consulates, bankers, or government authorities are eligible to be certifiers. SelfKey can be used to digitise and monetize these verified claims which relying parties are willing to pay for, providing an additional income stream for your business.

Build your reputation as a certifier with cutting edge technology in the future of digital identity.

Become a SelfKey Certifier

We’re always looking for excellent Certifiers to join our growing network. Get in touch to find out more.
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