SelfKey For Certifiers

Certifiers are the third party validators within the SelfKey Ecosystem, attesting and verifying identity claims. Become a SelfKey Certifier and create an additional income stream to scale your business internationally.

Incorporation Services


Monetize Attestations

Certifiers issue fully digital identity attestations on claims from identity owners that will be used to apply for products and services offered by relying parties in the SelfKey Marketplace.

Lawyers, notaries, accountants, solicitors, consulates, bankers, governmental authorities or utility companies, among others, are all eligible to be certifiers.

SelfKey can be used to digitize and monetize these verified claims which relying parties are willing to pay for, providing an additional income stream for your business. Verified claims are the future of digital identity.

SelfKey enables an API and an easy-to-use web application, where certifiers can digitally prove identity of SelfKey participants. This contains the capability to:

  • Issue digital certificates

  • Verification via video conferencing

  • E-Signature module (compliant with European, US and international standards) with E-Notary, E-Stamp, E-Signature capability

  • Create an additional income stream with revenue from attestations

  • Build your reputation as a certifier and scale up your business

Become a SelfKey Certifier