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Claim your KEY Airdrop for Credentials Verification Now!

Users with verified SelfKey Credentials will get an airdrop of 18,888 KEY tokens. A total of 18,888,000 KEY tokens will be distributed as part of the airdrop.
24 Dec 2020
SelfKey Newsletter - December Progress Report - Claim Airdrop

The moment you were waiting for is finally here. Users with verified SelfKey Credentials can now claim the KEY airdrop from the KeyFi website.

Each user with a verified SelfKey Credentials will get 18,888 KEY tokens.

A total of 18,888,000 KEY tokens will be airdropped to reward users who complete the SelfKey Credentials verification.

Users can claim the KEY airdrop from the KeyFi tokens page.

On the tokens page, users can click on the “Claim” button to claim the KEY airdrop.

KEY Airdrop - Claim page

The SelfKey Identity Wallet is a free identity solution for Windows, Linux and Mac. Get yours today!

Users need to have enough ETH required to pay for the gas to successfully complete the transaction.

After clicking on the “Claim” button, users will receive a notification on their Wallet to confirm the withdrawal.

KEY Airdrop - Metamask notification

Once the withdrawal transaction is successfully confirmed, users will receive the KEY on their Wallet.

Users can stake this KEY on the KeyFi platform to earn KEYFI rewards.

Note that in order to claim the airdrop, users will have to connect the same address which they have used at the time of SelfKey Credentials verification.

The SelfKey Credentials verification process is a user-centric process that prioritizes user-privacy, so that users will have complete control over the data shared for the verification process.

Download the SelfKey Identity Wallet now and verify your Credentials today to earn a KEY airdrop and stake KEY tokens on the KeyFi platform to earn KEYFI tokens.

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