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Connecting to KeyFi Platform Using SelfKey Wallet

A short user guide to connect your SelfKey Wallet to the KeyFi platform after getting your Credentials verified.
10 Dec 2020
Connect SelfKey to KeyFi

Once you have verified SelfKey Credentials using the SelfKey Wallet, you can start using the KeyFi platform to earn KEYFI rewards for KEY token staking and KEYFI LP token staking.

However, in order to start staking and earn rewards, you have to first connect to the KeyFi platform using the address which you had used during the Credentials verification process.

You can follow these steps to connect your SelfKey Wallet to the KeyFi platform and start staking:

Step 1

Go to KeyFi.com, and click on “Launch App”.

Step 2

You will see the KeyFi dashboard, where you can click on the “Connect Wallet” button.

Connecting SelfKey to KeyFi

Step 3

From the different Wallet provider options available, you can choose SelfKey Wallet.

Connecting SelfKey to Keyfi

The SelfKey Identity Wallet is a free identity solution for Windows, Linux and Mac. Get yours today!

Step 4

Once you click on SelfKey Wallet, you will receive a pop-up asking to confirm opening the SelfKey Wallet.

Connecting SelfKey to KeyFi

Step 5

Once you have clicked on "Open SelfKey Identity Wallet", you will see the SelfKey Wallet opening with the following message.

Connecting SelfKey to KeyFi

Step 6

Clicking on the “Unlock Wallet” button will prompt you to use your SelfKey password for the Wallet.

Step 7

Once you complete the login, you will see another pop-up in the Wallet asking you to approve the connection with the KeyFi platform.

Connecting SelfKey to KeyFi

Step 8

Once you click on “Approve” you will see your SelfKey Wallet address is connected with the KeyFi platform.

Connecting SelfKey to KeyFi

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