About the SelfKey Foundation

SelfKey empowers individuals and organizations to find more freedom and privacy through the full-ownership of their digital identity.

Our Purpose

Building a blockchain-based identity system that allows identity owners to truly own, control and manage their digital identity and radically enables financial inclusion, in order to advance on the human rights and fundamental freedoms related to data and identity sovereignty

Owning Our Identity: An Individual Freedom Right

Freedom is the most precious asset we possess as human beings, the right to self determination of our decisions and desires without subjugation by another person or entity is something we deem a basic human right.

At the very heart of this individual freedom lies control over our personal identity data.

Our personal identity is our imprint, it is what sets us apart from the billions of other human beings on this planet and it is an essential characteristic that affirms who we are in comparison to others.

Our unique identity is reflected in the personal information that is attributed to us alone, such our names, date of birth, nationality, address, numbers, fingerprints and other fundamentals that allow us to identify ourselves officially and prove that we are who we say we are.

These key components of our existence are managed in centralized identity databases & systems that are currently paper based and nationality driven.

But we live in a society that is increasingly global and digital. As so many aspects of our lives are now driven by the internet and the online world there is an increasing necessity for a digital identity, that moves with the fast pace of technology rather than relying on the antiquated systems of the status quo.

Who Owns Our Digital Identity?

Our digital identity is something that must always be verified. To prove who we are in the digital space, we continue to use paper-based identity documents that need to be scanned for use online.

These paper-based identity documents are stored in giant, vulnerable and centralized databases owned by private companies, delegating the ownership and responsibility of our most important private data to third parties who are in some cases, selling on this data for their own personal gain.

One of the main elements of individual freedoms is the right to control one’s own identity, but this information is currently being used and traded without our consent and we are disenfranchised from the control of arguably one of the most valuable assets we have as a human being.

There is undoubtedly a pressing and apparent need for change. Fortunately, with the dawn of technological innovations, in particular Blockchain, a new democratic and efficient approach to identity ownership and management processes has been launched.

New technologies like Blockchain allow us a chance to escape from the legacy of systems of old, paper-based documents controlled by private companies, and move into a private, secure and transparent by design system that respects our individual freedoms.

This new model is known as Self Sovereign Identity. Meaning to have a single, self-owned source for our identity and personal data that we as individuals control.

Regulatory Sandbox License

The SelfKey Foundation has obtained the Regulatory Sandbox License (RSL) from the Board of Investment of Mauritius.

In a time when there is government uncertainty in the blockchain space, SelfKey has established a solid foundation to grow long term, under the official licensing of a government agency. The RSL allows SelfKey to develop the SelfKey Identity Wallet with a greater level of regulatory certainty, in line with our mission to allow individuals to truly own and control their digital identity.

Being approved by the Mauritius BOI, reaffirms our project’s potential and positions us under the scrutiny and monitoring of a regulator, which can help us to meet established milestones.

Mauritius is the largest international financial and business hub in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius has been referred to as “Ethereum Island” and is becoming an international hub for blockchain startups.