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We’re very lucky to have an excellent community that asks questions and engages with our content. Since releasing our white paper in 2017, we have been inundated with questions.
11 May 2019

This blog post is designed to answer questions that have come up repeatedly on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook.

If your question is missing, please get in touch on Telegram and I will be happy to add it and provide an answer here.

1) When are we launching our Mainnet?

SelfKey uses the Ethereum blockchain and there are no plans to launch our own or migrate to another.

2) Where can I find out about news and updates?

It is vital that you can find updates and keep up to date with all the recent developments. That is why we provide many different ways for you to stay informed.  

If you would like to see us represented on another platform, please get in touch via Telegram. We’d be happy to discuss it with you.

The SelfKey Identity Wallet is a free identity solution for Windows, Linux and Mac. Get yours today!

3) Does SelfKey use an ERC20 token?

Yes, KEY is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

4) Does SelfKey offer staking?

SelfKey does not provide the type of staking you might be familiar with from Proof-of-Stake tokens.

Instead, SelfKey will allow token holders to deposit KEY in order to unlock service providers in the SelfKey Marketplace.

5) What is the SelfKey Marketplace?

The SelfKey Marketplace provides access to an array of excellent services. In March 2019, the Incorporations Marketplace was launched, and is now available from within the wallet.

This allows you to open a business abroad and pay for it with KEY. You can read a full description of the process here.

This is just the beginning however. We are already working on adding many new verticals like:

  1. Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  2. Residencies and Passports
  3. Notaries
  4. Bank Accounts
  5. And More

The great advantage of using the Marketplace is that you can access service providers with just one click using your SelfKey ID. This saves you time and provides more transparency regarding the amount of data you have to share with each platform.  

6) What is Login with SelfKey?

Login with SelfKey enables lightning fast access to any integrated platform. You can imagine it as a button located on the registration/login page of your favourite service providers.

Users with a completed SelfKey ID will be able to click the button and gain immediate access, rather than having to complete a tedious registration process.

7) How safe is the SelfKey ID?

The SelfKey ID is stored on your computer or desktop device. SelfKey does not have access to it. Therefore, someone would need to gain control over your computer in order to manipulate or break it.

This makes the SelfKey ID very safe, and far superior to centralized, cloud-based solutions which are much more vulnerable to attack.

8) Where do I send partnership proposals?

Please send partnership proposals to [email protected]

9) Where can I find SelfKey’s roadmap?

You can find a detailed roadmap here, including planned product innovations and past achievements.

10) Where can I get customer support?

Please contact [email protected] for customer support. We will endeavour to help as soon as possible.

11) When is the next token release?

There is no planned token release.

12) Is there a token swap happening?

No, there is no token swap happening and none are planned.

13) Are Microsoft and other DID creators competing with SelfKey?

No, we are complimentary as we are building on the DID standard, meaning all DID's will be resolvable across providers and chains. Therefore, someone with a Microsoft DID for example, will be able to use the SelfKey Marketplace and vice versa.

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