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Governance Tokens: DeFi Giving Control Back to the Users

SelfKey Weekly Newsletter Date - 16th September, 2020 In this edition, read about Governance tokens and how it is democratizing crypto.
19 Sep 2020
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Dear SelfKey Astronauts,

DeFi has arguably enabled its users with better control over their finance.

Users have an even more important role to play, with the recent surge in the number of governance enabled tokens in the market. 

These tokens follow a democratic approach and equip users with exclusive voting rights to suggest and improve on all the critical decisions regarding the token.

SelfKey has recently proposed an idea of a governance token: 

  • That will coexist with the KEY token.
  • Incentivize our users with rewards for staking and DeFi services.


Do take part in this 2-minute survey, which would enable us to better understand the needs of our community towards the proposed secondary token.


The link to the survey is also available on the next to the last page of the concept deck.

We also would like you to take part in this 3-minute survey that would help us in determining user behavior towards the SelfKey Wallet.

Your feedback will greatly help us in improving the SelfKey Identity Wallet.


The SelfKey Identity Wallet is a free identity solution for Windows, Linux and Mac. Get yours today!

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Quote of the Week - “In an interactive, decentralized world, the voiceless do not need someone to be their voice.”― Heather Marsh

Thanks for your continued interest and support.
Best Regards,
Sree from SelfKey
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