SelfKey For Identity Owners

SelfKey enables individuals and organizations to have complete complete control of their data. Oversharing is no longer a problem, you choose what details you share and with whom at all times with the utmost security.

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For Individuals

With the SelfKey Wallet, you can create a public/private key pair, which will be your digital “pen” that can be used to apply a unique digital signature to documents.

Because the private key is known only to you, whenever this digital signature is applied, it serves to authenticate and validate your identity to requesting parties confidentially and securely (without you having to appear in person).

Afterwards, you can create and verify your digital identity. You can upload your identity attributes and KYC documents such as a passport, ID card, birth certificate or proof of address, and request document e-notarization from qualified public notaries.

By staking KEY you will be able to unlock the marketplace and use your certified documents to apply for products and services within the SelfKey marketplace. Sharing these documents and completing application forms will be fast, easy and secure.

To provide the highest level of privacy, SelfKey will enable reusable Verified Claims processes. First, you will need to create identity claims, which will come from your identity assets (e.g. name and surname, nationality, date of birth, etc.) This will be generated by optical scanning of the text fields stored in your identity documents  (JSON-LD blobs).

These identity claims will be digitally signed by verifiers such as utility companies, notaries, banks, passport agencies, hospitals, driving license authorities, immigration, and will replace current paper-based documents in identity transactions.

Verified Claims will allow a person to disclose only the minimum of information required in a given KYC process. Proving identity attributes such as your name, citizenship or age won’t require you sharing all your identity data at once, as is the current norm.

By minimizing the amount of data which needs to be shared, there is greater security for both the identity provider and the relying party. The identity owner does not share information which might contain unnecessary or sensitive data – and the recipient doesn’t need to store it. This helps with both security and compliance with current privacy law requirements.

SelfKey is designed to enable higher security and privacy standards and put identity owners at the center of their identity management transactions, so they can truly own, control and manage their digital identity.


For Companies

It is not just individuals that can benefit from greater security, privacy and seamless kyc onboarding processes, organizations will also be able to painlessly apply for bank accounts and set up subsidiaries.

The SelfKey Corporate Identity Wallet will support capitalization table management, corporate documents and linked identities.

By linking individual identity wallets to a corporate wallet, shareholders and directors could request multi-level verification and prove multiple ownership levels, complex structures and capitalization tables.

With SelfKey, companies can easily speed up processes where data authentication is problematic for themselves and relying parties to validate.

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