Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist with Marketplace Experience (Project Based, Consulting Opportunity)

We are seeking a CRO Specialist for a project based and / or consulting collaboration.


  • Experienced in CRO for marketplaces 
  • Proven (by data) track record in doing marketing for marketplaces
  • Experience  in Financial Services / Fintech (in Marketing or other role) – BIG Plus 
  • Critical thinking – using data to examine how visitors and prospects are using the site, what problems or bottlenecks they face
  • Skilled in understanding what users want, what they are trying to say and what is the right message we should send them
  • Good feel for customizing tone, diction, style, and format to each buyer persona
  • Resourceful – being able to suggest new tests, strategies if current ones are not working 
  • Curiosity and desire to find new, more profitable paths 
  • A sound understanding of the digital marketing landscape; a zest for UX design and research and an entrepreneurial spirit to improve processes– from planning to strategy to delivery


Fluent in English
Able to overlap with GMT+7 – GMT+2 business hours


  • Help us define project (marketplace) KPIs and how does success look like (growth over time) 
  • Detailed, step by step strategy for ongoing optimization that can be learned from and scaled 
    • What tests? When? 
    • Reporting ? What? Frequency
  • Ongoing recommendations to help us deliver on key metrics and KPIs, through continuous testing and improvements
  • Create and execute deliverables. This could include items such as
    • Audits
    • Analytics reviews
    • User journeys analysis
    • Wireframes
    • Information architecture reviews
    • Task flows
    • User scenarios and persona development
  • Help drive the success of client engagements, as the subject matter expert on a number of conversion optimization & UX engagements.  Understand the entire process: from KPI definition to execution to insight discover
  • Be able to translate and communicate testing results and data-driven recommendations into an effective message, continually creating insights and value for clients
  • Teach/train internal team to be able to monitor KPIs and identify issues whenever numbers are down

If you are interested in this project please submit your application to [email protected] together with a portfolio of 2-3 relevant projects you successfully contributed to (please specify KPIs and results) as well as the answers to the following questions: 

  1. How would you go about creating a prioritized list of tests to run on our website? 
  2. Can you share the criteria you use to determine whether a test has run for long enough or not? 
  3. What would you do when a stakeholder or boss asks you to run a test simply because they think it’s a good/interesting idea? 
  4. How would you approach optimizing a low conversion marketplace? 
  5. What is your optimization toolset and in what ways do you use them for different types of optimization? 
  6. What’s your biggest test win and failure? 
  7. How do you measure conversion success when it lies further down the funnel than the A/B test level?
  8. Do you have a process you normally follow when you do CRO?

How to apply:

Send your CV and Linkedin profile to [email protected]

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