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Remote Community Manager (Full Time)

SelfKey is seeking a community manager to join our fully remote team for a long term collaboration.


  • Solid experience in a similar previous role
  • Experience in crypto industry
  • Hands on implementation of community management and growth strategies
  • Previous experience managing Discord channels with proven ability to drive engagement via running competitions or other activities
  • NFT Experience - Our upcoming product will be and exciting NFT collection, with future updates planned. The Community manager needs to have prior experience with NFT collections in order to ensure a successful NFT sale and continued engagement with the product.
  • Initiative taker, doer
  • Never says “this is not my job”
  • Excellent writing and editing skills in English
  • Obsessed about meeting deadlines
  • Aligned with Selfkey core values:
    • Grit
    • Ownership & accountability
    • Listen, Learn, Grow
    • Kaizen
    • Skin in the game, soul in the game
  • Able to overlap with GMT+7 - GMT+2 business hours


  • The Community manager is responsible for the entire community across all the different types of social media and other social channels - Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagam, Reddit, LinkedIn, Youtube
  • The community manager must ensure that our community is informed, constantly growing, highly engaged and bullish about SelfKey and its products.
  • Discord, Telegram Moderation and Customer Support  - during their appointed working hours, the Community Manager is responsible for moderating the chat on our Discord and Telegram channels.
  • The Community Manager also needs to keep their eye open for any new Customer Support tickets.
  • Increase the engagement of our community on a daily basis and maintain an engaged community
  • As the community grows, the community manager is expected to  try and deputize active members to act as assistant moderators.
  • Responsible for growing the community in size, this is a KPI that they share accountability with the User Acquisition Manager. This responsibility covers Discord and Telegram communities but also Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Youtube and Facebook followers as well.
  • Expected to handle all the social interactions of our social media channels - commenting, sharing, engaging with other networks that have similar interests as our products in order to try and convert users of these other channels to follow our channels as well.

Public Relations

The Community manager is responsible for the public image of SelfKey and its products, a responsibility which they must observe in all interactions with our community and behavior on social media.

Legal Framework

The Community manager is required to be aware of the legal framework on SelfKey and its products and make sure that their behavior and comments, while writing in the name of SelfKey and its products,  is within the legal boundaries specified by the legal department.


  • Community Size - Discord, Telegram, Twitter, etc. - the expectation is that our community size should be on an uptrend at all times.
  • Community engagement - shares and invitations, visits to SelfKey's products, weekly Sentiment Analysis, since the community manager is expected to drive engagement, the best way to measure success is by measuring the number of people signing up to our whitelists for the NFT sale and weekly NFT purchases and engagements with the NFTs - the analytics for which will be available in our products' own analytics platforms.
How to apply:
If you are interested in this role please submit your application here:
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