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Remote User Acquisition Manager (Full Time)

SelfKey is seeking a user acquisition manager to join our fully remote team for a long term collaboration.


  • Solid experience in a similar previous role
  • Experience driving user acquisition strategy for B2C apps / platforms / services etc
  • Experience in crypto industry
  • Hands on implementation of user acquisition strategies
  • Initiative taker, doer
  • Never says “this is not my job”
  • Excellent writing and editing skills in English
  • Obsessed about meeting deadlines
  • Aligned with Selfkey core values:
    • Grit
    • Ownership & accountability
    • Listen, Learn, Grow
    • Kaizen
    • Skin in the game, soul in the game
  • Able to overlap with GMT+7 - GMT+2 business hours


  • Responsible for all user acquisition channels.
  • Responsible for ALL the traffic funneled towards SelfKey products. It is required that the KPIs below be always on the up-trend:


  1. Impressions
  2. Clicks
  3. Landing Page Visits
  4. Product Conversion (download, entry fee payment, etc..) - Needs to collaborate with Product Manager
  5. Community Growth - Discord, Telegram, Twitter, etc. followers - needs to collaborate with Community Manager
  • Social media posts - creates and updates a post schedule for the upcoming 3 months to be executed by content creators (post writers) according to specifications of the UA Manager.
  • Ads - is familiar with all Ad channels, propose budgets, estimate KPI improvements and is responsible for the ad creatives to be used in the campaigns..
  • Micro Influencer traffic - is responsible for finding influencers using the Hubble tool, to collaborate with. Responsible for negotiating with them and increasing traffic. - needs to be able to propose budgets and estimate KPI benefits for the campaigns.
    • Works closely with management to obtain approvals for new strategies and report on KPIs

Research and development

  • The UA Manager is on the constant lookout for any new user acquisition channel. She needs to keep himself up-to-date with latest UA methods and to propose experimental campaigns.
  • The UA Manager is be data-driven and to propose improvements to the post schedule and various UA campaigns based on the data collected.
  • The UA Manager is obsessed with getting more people to onboard into our product, he needs to be on the constant lookout for generating higher traffic for the platform.

Legal compliance

  • For all external-facing copy, the UA Manager keeps in sync with the legal department to make sure that our campaigns and posts meet our legal framework.

Public Relations

  • In all cases, the UA Manager is responsible for the image of SelfKey displayed in ads, posts and other external facing marketing copy.

Collaboration with Selfkey team

  • The UA Manager is a team player and comes in with a collaboration mindset; she works with the other marketing team members as well as product team members to ensure an integrated, results producing strategy.
  • The UA Manager collaborates with the Product Manager regarding deadlines and must update the post schedule according to product and development events (planned releases, roadmap).
  • The UA Manager reports weekly / monthly / per need to management on KPIs, with insights and strategies for improvement.
How to apply:
If you are interested in this role please submit your application here:
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