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Date – 19th November, 2020

Read all about the upcoming addition to the SelfKey Marketplace. KeyFi, an AI-Powered DeFi Aggregator platform backed by SelfKey Credentials.

20 Nov
SelfKey Newsletter - KeyFi SelfKey Credentials

Dear SelfKey Astronauts,

We designed SelfKey to help you in achieving a self-sovereign identity, to present you with a platform to safeguard your data that might otherwise be handled and used with the least of care by centralized entities.

Gaining back control of your personal data was the first step towards achieving a self-sovereign identity. However, regulatory compliance is one of the primary use-cases for personal data. Hence, achieving regulatory compliance without sacrificing your privacy is the essence of our self-sovereign identity management solution.

With the introduction of the SelfKey Marketplace and Certifiers platform, we demonstrated the application of a decentralized verification solution that can also preserve privacy.

Now, we are introducing the very first use-case of verified SelfKey Credentials through the introduction of the newest addition to the SelfKey Marketplace –
The KeyFi Platform.

KeyFi Platform

KeyFi is an AI-powered DeFi aggregator platform that would reward users who hold SelfKey Verified Credentials.

Initially conceived by the SelfKey R&D team, KeyFi spun out and became a standalone project.

KeyFi users can interact with popular DeFi platforms and assets with ease. The KeyFi platform will offer users insightful data and alerts regarding DeFi, with the help of advanced AI and analytics tools.

Furthermore, only users with verified SelfKey Credentials will be eligible to receive KEYFI token rewards from the KeyFi platform.

The KeyFi platform may also facilitate a rewards program for KEY token staking.  Users with verified Credentials may stake the KEY tokens on the KeyFi platform to receive KEYFI token rewards once the KEYFI token launches.

The evolution of DeFi seems to be heading towards an imminent regulatory compliant future. Thus, the integration of SelfKey Credentials on the KeyFi platform could serve in preparing DeFi for regulatory compliance, which could become a necessity for mainstream adoption.

Download your SelfKey Wallet now, and get your Credentials verified today.


Click on the link below, to learn more about the KeyFi platform and KEYFI token.

The KeyFi Platform

Currently, Credentials verifications are available in both the Desktop Wallet and the Android version of the Mobile Wallet.

In the coming days, the iOS version of the mobile Wallet will also receive an update.

The SelfKey Identity Wallet is a free identity solution for Windows, Linux and Mac. Get yours today!

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