Living Avatar NFTs.

An identity layer composed of Living Avatar NFTs will be necessary for user interactions on the Metaverse to be reliable. Identity verification and NFTs are combined to form the Living avatar concept. #SelfKey #Web3 #Metaverse #LivingAvatar #NFT #DigitalIdentity 🌏
23 Jan 2023
Living Avatar NFTs.

SelfKey uses cutting-edge innovations like Soulbound NFTs, an approach that combines identity verification with NFTs, to give people a sense of self-sovereignty.

#SelfKey #Web3 #Metaverse #LivingAvatar #NFT #DigitalIdentity 🌏

The SelfKey Identity Wallet is a free identity solution for Windows, Linux and Mac. Get yours today!

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#SelfKey #Web3 #Metaverse #LivingAvatar #NFT #DigitalIdentity 🌏

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SelfKey is a fast-growing blockchain startup developing digital identity solutions. We empower individuals and corporations to take back ownership of their identity data.
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