Log in with SelfKey

The Log in with SelfKey Button & Browser Extension will be linked to both our Quick-KYC Compliance software and the Identity Wallet to provide an unrivalled experience for Identity Owners.


Instant Sign Up / In

At SelfKey, we are enabling another instant sign up option: The Log in with SelfKey Button & Browser Extension.

The browser extension will be connected to your Identity wallet and will allow to instantly sign up/in to Products and Services through the LWS Button, which will be placed in the Service Provider’s website.

Once you have created your SelfKey ID using your SelfKey Wallet, and installed the SelfKey extension in your browser, you will simply have to press the LWS Button and allow the Service Provider to access your identity data.


Instant & Secure Data Sharing

Through the Log in with SelfKey Button & Browser Extension, you will only need two clicks to complete the entire KYC process.

Unlike traditional OAuth authentication services such as Facebook, Twitter or Google, who track your activity and store your data, with the ‘Log in with SelfKey’ Browser Button & Extension, the Service Provider access your identity data directly from your Identity Wallet.

Furthermore, the LWS Browser Button & Extension is connected to an amount of ‘staked KEY’, guaranteeing token issuers avoid any Sybil attack. It will be prohibitively expensive to game the system and create multiple fake accounts.

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