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The Marketplace

The SelfKey Marketplace is the one-stop-shop to explore, compare and instantly sign up for a broad range of financial, corporate, immigration and cryptocurrency related services distributed across more than 10 market verticals that will be released periodically.

Products & Services


Exchange Accounts

The SelfKey marketplace allows you to compare exchange accounts and instantly sign up for a verified account to trade without waiting or limits.

You can browse by supported countries, supported fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, fees, trading options, languages, device and os availability, and fees.


Bank Accounts

The SelfKey marketplace will allow you to apply for international bank accounts and financial products to diversify currency and sovereign risk.

Protect your savings in solid financial institutions with prudent and responsible investment and lending policies, high solvency and liquidity levels, in financially healthy jurisdictions. Make sure that your savings are safe and available for when you need them.


Residency by Investment & Entrepreneurship

We live in a world where if you are a skilled entrepreneur, an investor or you have an independent source of income, countries are literally competing to offer you residency.

We live in a time where you can buy your freedom.

Building your life internationally getting a second residency, not only may enhance your finances, it may also open a myriad of opportunities and lead you to live experiences to grow both personally and professionally.

With a second residency, you make sure that if things in your country go wrong, you have a place to go and call home.

Getting residency in a foreign jurisdiction will provide you more freedom and may even lead you to a second citizenship.


Citizenship by Investment

Obtaining a second citizenship provides you travel freedom, residency, banking, business opportunities, and it might even reduce your tax liability.

Whether applying for a second passport through real estate investment, donation or entrepreneurship, SelfKey allows you to quickly and easily certify the required KYC documentation and securely share it with our citizenship by investment agent partners, making the process as simple and smooth as possible.

Furthermore, with SelfKey you can compare all second citizenship programs available worldwide, browsing by investment type, costs, fees, visa-free travel, requirements, procedures and taxes, to make sure that you have all the necessary information to make the decision that best suits your needs and priorities.



The SelfKey Marketplace allows you to find the best jurisdiction to set up your business. You can find a report on legal requirements and taxes for each legal entity type in every jurisdiction.

You can also browse and filter jurisdictions by corporate ownership, minimum shareholders, accounting requirements, privacy, tax rates, offshore tax laws, anti-avoidance rules or tax treaties, among many tax and legal aspects.

Whether you are a digital nomad freelancer wishing to incorporate your business or a company establishing a subsidiary, through your Identity Wallet you can certify your identity documents and securely share it with our corporate services partners to incorporate your company.



Foundations are legal entities commonly set up for asset protection, estate planning and charity purposes.

They can also be used by corporations for employee benefit plans, retirement and stock option schemes, insurance plans and special financing arrangements.

Foundations are designed to preserve wealth against political, economic or family uncertainty. They can also minimize or even avoid estate taxes and avoid forced heirship.

Furthermore, as Foundations do not have shareholders or owners and by its nature are non-profit organizations, are the commonly used entities to manage token sales.

At the SelfKey Foundations marketplace, you will be able to compare and establish a Foundation quickly and easily in more than 15 jurisdictions.

You will find a detailed report on the foundation and tax laws of each jurisdiction. You can even browse and filter by dozens of legal and tax aspects. Once you are ready, click apply now, digitally fill and sign incorporation forms, and easily and securely share documents required with our corporate services provider partner.



Trusts are powerful tools for both estate and succession planning, as investment vehicles, corporate structuring and for asset protection.

A trust can serve you to protect your assets from being used for a purpose other than what you had in mind for them. It can protect your wealth beyond the reach of frivolous claimants, creditors, ex-spouses and even yourself.

The SelfKey Trust marketplace will let you compare and apply for establishing a trust in several jurisdictions, browsing by different legal aspects such as bankruptcy protection, spendthrift provisions, avoidance of forced heirship, foreign judgement explicit exclusion, proof of fraudulent transfer requirements, statutory limitation of fraudulent transfers, rule against perpetuities, among many others.



SelfKey also allows you to quickly apply for your e-wallet or store value facility. Looking for a digital mobile wallet to instantly pay through your phone? Looking for a multi-currency virtual current account with debit card to forget high currency exchange fees when traveling?

In the SelfKey e-wallets marketplace you will find this and much more. You will be able to compare by fees, features, country availability, currencies, debit cards… of more than 30 prepaid payment mobile wallets and virtual current accounts.


Money Transfer

Fortunately, those times of high fees and poor exchange rates when transferring money abroad are over. The fintech disruption has provided plenty of options to transfer funds abroad easily and cost-effective.

However, one may get lost when navigating through these options. The SelfKey Money remittance marketplace brings transparency in the sector, allowing you to compare more than 20 money transmitter services to find the one that best suits your needs.

Looking for forward contracts? Need cash home delivery? Browse by country, currency, fees, transfer options and many other features, and when you find your best option, click apply now and start transferring money.


Precious Metals

Gold remains a safe investment to ensure your purchasing power no matter what happens in the world.

The SelfKey precious metals marketplace allows you to purchase, sell and store gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other metals. Browse by metal, countries covered, fees, minimum investment, insurance, delivery and once you are ready, sign up instantly.


International Health Insurance

Are you a permanent traveller looking for International Health Insurance?

Planning to take a sabbatical year and go around the world?

The SelfKey International Health insurance marketplace allows you to compare and apply for health insurance products.

Browse by coverage, costs, benefits and many other features to find the insurance plan best adjusted to your needs.

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