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Manage all your ERC20 tokens from the SelfKey Mobile App

Keeping your crypto assets on an exchange means someone else controls it.
By using the SelfKey Mobile Wallet, you can maintain full control and access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Take Your Tokens With You

The SelfKey Mobile Wallet allows you to easily manage your ERC20 tokens from anywhere in the world. Available for both Android and iOS devices, you can download it now and enjoy these features:

  1. Send and receive ERC20 tokens from your phone
  2. A visual dashboard displaying your token portfolio
  3. Easy backups to enhance safety

Import Your Desktop Wallet

The SelfKey Mobile Wallet allows you to easily import your Desktop Wallet onto your mobile device. This gives you complete clarity over your token portfolio including a visual dashboard displaying all of your ERC20 tokens.

Manage Your ERC20 Tokens From Anywhere

Download the Wallet
Download the SelfKey Identity Wallet for free. iOS and Android devices.
Add Your ERC20 Tokens
Easily add KEY, ETH, MKR and all other ERC20 tokens to your SelfKey Mobile Wallet.
Send & Receive Transactions
Use the SelfKey Mobile Wallet to send and receive digital assets anywhere in the world.

Try out the SelfKey Mobile Wallet

Use our secure light-weight mobile wallet that provides an intuitive interface with the Ethereum blockchain.
SelfKey is a fast-growing DAO developing digital identity solutions. The DAO seeks to empower individuals and corporations to take back ownership of their identity data
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