Welcome Astronauts - The New SelfKey Website Explained

Our brand new website boasts much better performance on mobile and desktop devices, as well as a flashy new Space theme. What does it mean and why should you care?
19 Apr 2019

Hello SelfKey Astronauts. Welcome to the new website, we hope you like it.

Over the last few months we have implemented a slick new design which performs much better on both mobile and desktop devices.

The new design prioritizes speed and readability, while clearly communicating the value of the SelfKey ecosystem.

As importantly, we decided on a strong space theme, and have it shining through all over the website. We'll discuss this in more detail later but for now it's worth briefly outlining the Brand Book, created by our lead designer Oana, that we followed throughout the creation process.

Check it out.

The Brand Book provides the rules which govern the design of the new website. Everything from the colour palette to the fonts and the logo are explained in detail here.

Importantly, every design decision is made with our audience in mind, including those who might be visually or otherwise impaired. This ensures that everyone can participate in the SelfKey ecosystem and regain control over their personal data.

Next, let's look at the space theme.

Understanding the Space theme

At SelfKey we are pushing the boundaries of modern identity management and the space theme conveys the importance and scale of this journey very well. As such, those who accompany us on our voyage are Astronauts. 

The redesign helps us to articulate our roadmap more effectively. As a community it is vital that you can easily check where we stand and where we are headed. To achieve this, we have split our goals into five distinct eras:

  1. Liftoff
  2. Orbital
  3. Spaceflight
  4. Moon
  5. Interstellar


Each era is associated with a number of product innovations and effectively communicates our long-term vision for SelfKey. It also helps to keep us accountable to the SelfKey community.

The SelfKey Identity Wallet is a free identity solution for Windows, Linux and Mac. Get yours today!

Understanding page designs and communication style

The homepage acts as a microcosm for the design of all pages.


Where the old website was vague, the new website is clear and concise. Above the fold we see a clear call to action with an unmistakable title above it.

On the right we can see the SelfKey Wallet in action, displaying a completed SelfKey ID, and providing a first glimpse of its power. In the background, the night sky continuously moves and sparkles to introduce the space theme.

The hero section is followed by three powerful value propositions:

  1. Manage your digital identity
  2. Open a business abroad
  3. Manage your ERC-20 tokens

Here, we not only describe how SelfKey provides value for free, but also raise awareness about the problems we aim to solve - including protection from hacking attacks and data breaches.

Next, there is a simple three step explanation of how SelfKey's identity management solution works. You can expect this diagram to change as new components, like Login with SelfKey, go live.


Especially for new visitors, it is crucial to break down seemingly complicated processes into easily digestible parts. This simple flow shows the three steps to opening a business abroad through the use of a SelfKey ID and the Incorporations Marketplace.

The section that follows explains why you should download the SelfKey Wallet. If you want to be in control of your personal data and manage your ERC-20 tokens locally, you should absolutely give it a try.


In the penultimate section, you'll find our most recent blog posts. At SelfKey one of our key responsibilities is to educate our community and provide informative content. You can find all our blog content here, including our Digital Identity Podcast - and be sure to check our monthly Voyage Reports to track our progress.


That’s the new website

Finally, we’d like to thank the Librafire team for taking our ideas and turning them into this excellent new website. We’ve been really impressed with their ability to work quickly and effectively.

Thanks for reading and see you on Telegram.


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