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Selfkey Ecosystem正在快速发展,我们的合作伙伴包括了从最具前景的金融科技和区块链初创企业,到成熟稳固的一线国际公司。


"Working with a project like SelfKey is paramount to achieving our goals. Our mission is to guide companies through every step of a securities token launch. One of the steps, and a key focal area for us, is KYC".

Trevor Koverko, Polymath CEO

"We are pleased to partner with SelfKey for processing of citizenship and residency by investment applications globally, where NTL represents clients in fourteen inward investment target countries. We have examined the SelfKey technology and found it to be a perfect platform for managing the due diligence process involved in citizenship by investment programs".

Robert Martin, NTL Trust Immigration

“This collaboration broadens Kyber Network’s exchange service to an even greater audience through SelfKey. Beyond that, users of Selfkey Identity Wallet can also perform seamless and secure Ether-ERC20 conversions without leaving Selfkey’s platform”.

Loi Luu, Kyber Network CEO

“Trust and accountability are among the most important ingredients for the success of the new e-economy in general, and for LEXIT’s M&A marketplace in particular. SelfKey, with their industry-leading approach to digital-identity services, facilitates this trust and will allow us to hit the ground running even faster”.

Amir Kaltak, LEXIT CEO

“Just wanted to thank you for the great work that your team did.” 

Simon Cheung, Gatcoin CEO

“SelfKey is opening up a marketplace of citizenship programs. As an official citizenship provider for a major EU program, we are delighted to work with SelfKey to bring efficiency and trust to our clients”. 

Konrad Graf, Global Advisory Group Managing Partner

We are excited to be entering a collaboration with SelfKey. We believe SelfKey holds much potential. We believe SelfKey can assist us to solve our client’s KYC efficiency issue  (…) we are keen to work together with SelfKey, which (…) would be a “game changer” in the financial planning/financial compliance domain. 

Donald Soo, Malabar AI CEO

“The SelfKey Marketplace and Identity Wallet are a breakthrough in digital identity which will allow applicants all over the world to apply for Vanuatu citizenship”. 

James Harris, Vanuatu Information Centre Official Appointed DSP Citizenship Representative

“SelfKey is as a gamechanger for the slow process of KYC and AML. A global solution to allow individuals and companies to transact business with each other with a higher degree of confidence, allowing the KYC to be completed in seconds”. 

Samuel Banks, Appleby Corporate Attorney

“VoiceIt is proud to partner with SelfKey, a pioneer in digital identity management. With the ability to secure user accounts using VoiceIt’s industry leading biometrics, SelfKey is bringing identity management into the future”. 

Noel Grover, VoiceIT CEO

“The SelfKey Marketplace and Identity Wallet digitizes the Know Your Customer process simplifying and automating signing up for new bank accounts or accessing new Fintech products. We are delighted to help extend the reach of this revolutionary platform by allowing users apply for services from anywhere in the world and enabling market participants to offer services in multiple different languages”. 

Richard Delanty, Into23 Founder & CEO