SelfKey for Third Parties

SelfKey and KYC-Chain empower businesses to meet the highest KYC/AML/CTF standards, grow their customer base and create an optimal customer experience.

Onboard More Customers In A Cost-Effective Manner

Get more customers: List your products and services in the SelfKey Marketplace and gain direct exposure to SelfKey Wallet users interested in what you offer.

Connect with your audience: SelfKey provides a fully customizable page dedicated to your product, highlight the features and benefits of your product and stand head and shoulders above your competitors.

Provide an optimal user experience: Users who already store all required KYC documentation within their wallet will be directed towards the highest-tier verification, and can share their documents and fill forms with just a few clicks. Users who still need to complete their KYC profile or upload any additional document can do so quickly and easily within the wallet.

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Meet The Highest Compliance Standards

Whether you’re a crypto exchange, fintech startup, or token sale – SelfKey & KYC-Chain offer a robust KYC/AML solution for your compliance needs.

KYC-Chain is a bank-grade compliance software, equipping your team with the latest tools to meet regulatory requirements quickly and easily. To date, we’ve powered dozens of token sales and have screened over 300,000 applications. KYC-Chain can also be white-labelled under your company brand, making the user experience a seamless process.

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How SelfKey and KYC-Chain Work Together

Identity owner adds data & Information
Submit KYC Application
Compliance team does KYC verification
Application gets approved or declined

How You Can Benefit Using SelfKey and KYC-Chain

Token Sales

Reach more token purchasers while conducting compliance checks, ensuring that you meet the legal requirements. You can also perform enhanced due diligence on high value purchases, exclude certain nationalities, or setup extra requirements such as being an accredited investor for participation.

SelfKey & KYC-Chain have successfully powered dozens of sales and over 300,000+ KYC/AML applicants to date.

Trading & Exchange Platforms

Grow your customer base and accelerate the user verification process while being compliant with the highest KYC/AML standards across the world. Easily create tiers of verification for new users through templates, making this the complete solution for decentralised exchanges.

Fintech Applications

Reduce the burden on your company resources by allowing KYC-Chain to do the heavy lifting of compliance tasks. You’ll also be able to provide proof of AML, fraud risk, and other information to regulators.

Decentralised Apps

SelfKey brings a robust decentralised identity solution for your platform, as there are no central servers that store identity data of users. Using the SelfKey Browser Extension, users can also securely login to your application through a blockchain address.

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