SelfKey For Relying Parties

SelfKey and KYC-Chain empower businesses to meet the highest KYC/AML/CTF standards, grow their customer base and create an optimal customer experience.


Onboard More Customers In A Fast Effective Manner

Get more customers: List your products and services in the SelfKey Marketplace and gain direct exposure to SelfKey Wallet users interested in what you offer.

Connect with your audience: SelfKey provides a fully customizable  page dedicated to your product, highlight the features and benefits of your product and stand head and shoulders above your competitors.

Provide an optimal user experience: Users who already store all required KYC documentation within their wallet will be directed towards the highest-tier verification, and can share their documents and fill forms with just a few clicks. Users who still need to complete their KYC profile or upload any additional document can do so quickly and easily within the wallet.

Instant authentication: 

One-click sign up/in for your services. SelfKey Wallet users simply need to allow access to their data once for an automated sign up/in without passwords.

Decentralized Solution: 

Robust and easy-to-use decentralized solution to conduct consistent and fully compliant KYC processes that respect users’ identity rights.

Data Security: 

GDPR Compliant as data and documents are shared on a peer-to-peer basis, SelfKey does not store any user identity data or documents in its servers.

Easy API integration: 

You just need to expose an API endpoint to receive new customer information/registration.

No Cost: 

In order to incentivize participation in the SelfKey Ecosystem, integration with the SelfKey Wallet and Marketplace is free for a limited period of time. Onboard SelfKey wallet users at no additional cost.


Efficient KYC Management & Best-Practice Due Diligence

KYC-Chain is a B2B managed workflow application that enables companies to better manage their KYC processes.

It is a white labelled end-to-end solution to streamline the onboarding process for your customers that greatly improves efficiency for your compliance team.

KYC-Chain is a bank grade compliance software with the latest KYC technology, so your business is equipped with all the necessary tools to meet regulatory requirements quickly and easily.

Onboard both SelfKey Wallet users and other customers running an instance of KYC-Chain and ensure that your customers are who they claim to be and that there are no bad actors.

How we can help you

Token Sales

Reach more Token purchasers, conduct compliant Token Sales ensuring that you meet the existing legal requirements, perform enhanced due diligence to high amount purchasers, assess their reputation, automatically block certain nationalities/residencies, establish requirements such as those for accredited investors while protecting you from KYC data breaches and phishing attacks. SelfKey & KYC-Chain have successfully powered 10+ token sales and 300,000 applicants to date.


Trading & Exchange Platforms

Grow your customer base exponentially and speed up sign up and user verification. Provide an optimal customer experience for higher-tiered verification, while being compliant with the most stringent KYC/AML & CTF standards. The complete sign up/in and wallet solution for decentralized exchanges.



Build your fintech application without having to worry about the KYC, but ensuring that you meet the highest level of KYC compliance requirements and provide proof of AML and fraud risk compliance to regulators.


Decentralized Apps

There is no point in having a decentralized application if users’ identities are still stored in centralized databases. SelfKey brings a robust and easy-to-use decentralized identity solution for your decentralized platform.


Corporate Services

Connect with expat and location independent entrepreneurs, modernize incorporation processes for the new digital generation. Penetrate the blockchain entrepreneurship segment needing complex structures to establish their business ventures. 


Immigration Services

Connect with Asian and Russian high net worth individuals and leverage SelfKey marketing efforts. Speed up document intensive applications and manage them in a faster, easier and more secure way while enhancing due diligence checks.


Banks & Financial Institutions

Create business opportunities by reaching new customer segments. Automate your onboarding processes while enhancing your customer experience and compliance management. 

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