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Identity verification is something that we all have to deal with if we want to participate in the modern, digital world. Nevertheless our data is often poorly protected and vulnerable to attack. We should live in a world in which our identity truly belongs to us and cannot be taken by anyone. That is what we are working towards. Below you will find our past successes and our future milestones. Join us on our voyage into a better future.


Our Journey So Far

SelfKey has a rich history of achievements, from a successful proof of concept with Standard Chartered Bank to the launch of the SelfKey Wallet in 2018.


KYC-Chain donates the code base of SelfKey Wallet to the SelfKey Foundation. The SelfKey whitepaper is released.

First Contact:

SelfKey provides KYC processing for token sales and fintech startups such as Aditus and Airswap.

SelfKey Token Sale:

Raises $21.7M USD in just 11 minutes with incredible support from the community.

Closed Alpha Release:

SelfKey Wallet begins early testing with community.

SelfKey ID:

Adding identity attributes and documents supported in SelfKey Wallet.

ERC-20 Token Support:

Portfolio management of Ethereum assets supported.

Public Beta Released

The Wallet launches and is downloaded thousands of times on the same day.

Hardware Wallet Support:

Fully integrated with Ledger and TREZOR hardware wallets.

Incorporations Marketplace launches

Users can now open a business abroad and pay for it with KEY

SelfKey's DID Method Accepted by W3C

SelfKey’s work on Decentralized Identifiers is recognized and added to the W3C DID Method Registry

Bank Accounts Marketplace launches

Users can now open a bank account abroad and pay for it with KEY

First version of Corporate Wallet is live

SelfKey users are now able to create and use corporate profiles, upload corporate identity documents, and switch between different corporate profiles from the same account. 

Mobile Wallet is launched

The SelfKey Mobile Wallet is now available for download – free for both iOS and Android


Our Goals for 2020 and beyond

SelfKey Marketplace: Incorporations
SelfKey Marketplace: Crypto Exchanges
Relaunched: SelfKey Website & Branding
Launch: The Digital Identity Podcast
SelfKey Browser Extension
SelfKey Affiliate program
SelfKey Marketplace: Bank Accounts
SelfKey Marketplace: Notaries
DID: Implementation
Notary / Certifier Application
SelfKey Marketplace: Passport & Residency
Space Flight
Mobile Wallet: iOS and Android
Corporate Wallet: MacOS and Windows
SelfKey Marketplace: Loans
Token Swap

Voyage reports

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