The Product Roadmap

Explore the timeline of the project and learn about our achievements and our immediate and future goals


A Glance at the Past

The SelfKey technology and team was graduated from several accelerators as KYC-Chain, went through a POC with Standard Chartered Bank and has been powering KYC of some of the most promising Token Sales and Fintech startups.


Accenture Fintech Lab Accelerator

SCB Digital Ventures Accelerator.

SuperCharger Accelerator and angel round for KYC-Chain.

Public announcement of work with Standard Chartered Bank

Cyberport Accelerator


KYC-Chain donates B2C wallet code to SelfKey Foundation, releases White Paper and opens to public

SelfKey powers KYC of some of the most promising Token Sales and Blockchain & Fintech Startups

SelfKey Pre-Sale December 15th – 201th 2017 – SelfKey Public Presale. The SelfKey Pre-Sale ended four days ahead of schedule as it reached $15,840,000 worth of KEY tokens sold and therefore hit the Pre-Sale maximum cap.

SelfKey Token Sale sold out in 11 minutes ($21.7m)


Our Recent Achievements

Thanks to all the hard work of our team, in SelfKey we are rapidly burning the stages to achieve the proposed objectives, successfully overcoming roadblocks that arise in the development process:

The SelfKey Wallet supports Identity data and documents

The SelfKey Wallet supports Cryptocurrency Transactions

The SelfKey Wallet Closed Alpha – Community Testing

The SelfKey Wallet supports Ledger Hardware Wallet

The SelfKey Wallet Beta Public Launch

Supports Trezor Hardware Wallet


Track Our Progress

At SelfKey we provide regular product progress reports in line with our commitment to community transparency and regular development communications.

SelfKey Product Progress Report February 2018

SelfKey Product Progress Report March 2018

SelfKey Alpha Community Testing Report & Feedback

SelfKey Product Progress Report April 2018

SelfKey Identity Wallet Beta Testing & Ongoing Test Sessions

SelfKey Product Progress Report June 2018

SelfKey Product Progress Report July 2018

SelfKey Product Progress Report August 2018

SelfKey Product Progress Report September 2018

SelfKey Product Progress Report October 2018

SelfKey Product Progress Report November 2018

SelfKey Product Progress Report December 2018


Our Goals

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Marketplace

Staking Functionality of KEY Token

Launch of “Login with SelfKey” Button & Browser Extension

Incorporations Marketplace

Bank Accounts Marketplace

Trusts & Foundations Marketplace

Residency & Passports Marketplace

Dedicated Functionality for Claims Issuers

Launch of DID/DIF Identity Architecture

SelfKey Mobile Wallet Alpha (Android & iOS)

Corporate Identity Wallet Launch

Multi-Signature Function for Corporate Identity Wallet

Login with SelfKey integrated with 10+ websites

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