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SelfKey Announces A Comprehensive Partnership with InstaSwap

Another excellent partnership which will further strengthen the SelfKey ecosystem.

30 Apr
Identity Wallet

April 30th, 2019 — The identity management leader SelfKey has established a comprehensive partnership with the privacy-focused digital asset exchange InstaSwap. The partnership will see InstaSwap list KEY as well as integrate Login with SelfKey (LWS), providing SelfKey Wallet users with convenient one-click access to the platform. Additionally, InstaSwap will be listed on SelfKey’s upcoming Marketplace, meaning that users will be able to login and register from within the SelfKey Wallet.

With InstaSwap now listing KEY, the token is available on wide variety of platforms, offering users everywhere the opportunity of acquiring the utility token and gaining access to the Marketplace. As the availability of KEY improves so will the visibility of the SelfKey ecosystem, which comprises the token, the Marketplace, Login with SelfKey and the SelfKey Wallet.

The SelfKey Identity Wallet is a free identity solution for Windows, Linux and Mac. Get yours today!

InstaSwap is a cross-chain, non custodial, next generation exchange platform. Based in Greece, InstaSwap aims to change the way people exchange their tokens. By leveraging dynamic algorithms, the platform allows users to swap coins almost instantly at the real market price. Focusing on user’s privacy and security, personal data is never shared with third parties.

InstaSwap’s founder Kontos Athanasios said of the partnership: We are blessed to be partnering with the best blockchain-based identity management system in the world. Our goal, together with SelfKey, is to continue building a Privacy focused environment and at the same time to provide to our communities easy and simple exchanges “with just the click of a button”.

“This is another exciting step for the SelfKey Foundation” said Edmund Lowell, Visionary at SelfKey, “InstaSwap offers an innovative service and we are delighted to be listing them in the upcoming Marketplace and integrating Login with SelfKey.”

About SelfKey
SelfKey is a leading identity management system that aims to return ownership over personal data back to the individual. To achieve this, SelfKey is building a rich identity ecosystem comprising the SelfKey Wallet and the growing Marketplace .

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About InstaSwap
InstaSwap is a cross-chain non custodial, next generation exchange platform. Based in Greece, InstaSwap aims to change the way people exchange their tokens.

For more information about InstaSwap and their mission, visit