SelfKey partners with innovative crypto lending platform CoinLoan

We're excited to announce a comprehensive partnership with innovative crypto lending platform CoinLoan.
03 Mar 2020

March 3rd, 2020 - SelfKey, the leading identity management platform, has established a comprehensive partnership with the cryptocurrency lending platform CoinLoan.

Based in crypto-friendly Estonia, CoinLoan is a platform for lending secured on crypto-assets that aims to meet demands that can’t be satisfied by the traditional credit system. CoinLoan has licensed financial institution status and worldwide coverage, which means their services are available almost anywhere and anytime. 

Borrowers are provided with exceptionally favorable conditions and lenders are well protected. In fact, since opening in July 2018, every lender has received their repayments in full and on time. The CoinLoan security system ensures the essential safety of both its users and its assets, and the platform is able to offer unparalleled flexibility. 

As part of the partnership, CoinLoan will be part of the upcoming SelfKey Cryptocurrency Loans Marketplace where Selfkey users can use cryptocurrencies as collateral to access fiat loans. This is an exciting prospect for SelfKey Wallet users and will revolutionize the loan industry. We’re delighted that CoinLoan is joining us to change the future of the financial industry.

The SelfKey Identity Wallet is a free identity solution for Windows, Linux and Mac. Get yours today!

CoinLoan will also be integrating the Login with SelfKey extension to their website. This means that users with a completed SelfKey ID will be able to click the button and effectively register with CoinLoan instantly. 

"We are proud to offer SelfKey's community convenient access to our earning and borrowing solutions," said Alex Faliushin, the CoinLoan co-founder and CEO.

"We know from experience that it's a hard job to stay on top of innovations in finance. Collaboration is the way to create value and accelerate change. Our partnership with SelfKey offers excellent potential for both companies to bring their cutting-edge technology into the mainstream," Faliushin said.

About SelfKey

SelfKey is a leading identity management system that aims to return ownership over personal data back to the individual. To achieve this, SelfKey is building a rich identity ecosystem comprising the SelfKey Wallet, the Marketplace, Login with SelfKey and the KEY token.

About CoinLoan

After launching in 2018, CoinLoan has been transforming the loans industry. The peer to peer lending platform offers unparalleled flexibility - lenders and borrowers can choose their interest rate, loan amount, loan term, repayment method, and more. Interested readers can read more here.

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