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Your Identity. Your Crypto keys. Your Data. Your Wallet.

Safely share your KYC, send crypto, and access financial services in SelfKey marketplace with a single click. 
Take the first step in regaining control of your personal information and digital identity. 
Collect your identification documents, manage your ERC20 tokens and open a business abroad from within the SelfKey Wallet.

Why Download The SelfKey Identity Wallet?

The SelfKey Identity Wallet allows you to manage all your ERC20 tokens from one convenient location. The light-weight desktop application not only provides an intuitive interface with the Ethereum blockchain, but it also shows the real-time fiat value of your tokens. In the Wallet you will also find the Address Book which lets you store commonly used Addresses and consequently saves time when performing a transaction.

How Does The SelfKey Identity Wallet Work?

Besides managing your ERC20 tokens, the Wallet also gives you access to the SelfKey Marketplace. Here you will find a growing service hub, including incorporation services, cryptocurrency exchanges, bank accounts and much more. The incorporations Marketplace launched in March of 2019 and allows you to open a business and pay for it in KEY.

What Can The SelfKey Identity Wallet Do For You?

Save Time & Money
Through the SelfKey Marketplace you can open a new bank account, incorporate a new business, or access a world of services without the headaches of paperwork and repetitive KYC.
Send & Receive Crypto Assets
Enjoy full control 24/7 over your private keys and manage all of your Ethereum and tokens from your laptop or desktop. Enjoy faster recurring transfers with saved contacts in your address book.

Free, open-source, and available on MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android & iOS

Download the SelfKey Wallet today!
SelfKey is a fast-growing DAO developing digital identity solutions. The DAO seeks to empower individuals and corporations to take back ownership of their identity data
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