The Beginning of Your Digital Identity Voyage

Collect your identification documents, manage your ERC-20 tokens and open a business abroad from with the SelfKey Wallet.

You Don’t Own Your Identity

In 2018, we saw more than 6,500 data breaches that exposed over 5 billion personal records. With 7 billion people in the world, what are the chances that you were a victim? At SelfKey we think this is unacceptable and are working to provide a better solution. The SelfKey Identity Wallet is the first step in that direction. With further development you will be able to use it to securely access service providers while enjoying complete transparency over how your data is being used.

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Identity Theft is One of the Fastest Growing Crimes in the World

The amount of information that is available about us online is growing. As a result,  Identity theft is becoming a regular occurrence as malicious actors use ever more sophisticated techniques to exploit vulnerable databases. The best way of staying safe is by managing your data locally, as this allows you to retain as much power over your data as possible.

The SelfKey Identity Wallet helps fight identity theft
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What can the SelfKey Wallet do for you?

Open a business abroad

The Wallet gives you access to the SelfKey Incorporations Marketplace. Here you can open a business in Switzerland, Hong Kong and many other excellent jurisdictions and pay for it using KEY.

Create your SelfKey ID

The SelfKey ID is a collection of documents and data points which allow you to conveniently access service providers. Soon the SelfKey ID will allow you to access cryptocurrency exchanges, incorporation services and even bank accounts with the click of a button.

Manage your ERC-20 tokens

Enjoy full control over your private keys and manage all of your ERC-20 tokens from your laptop or desktop. Enjoy faster recurring transfers thanks to the Address Book feature.

How it works

Paper-driven, national ID systems are outdated and unreliable in an increasingly digital world. The SelfKey Wallet is your gateway to a blockchain identity that’s more safe, secure, and under your full ownership. This protects you from the data breaches and hacks that have exposed over 5 billion records in 2018.

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Are you ready to take the first step towards owning your digital identity?

Then download the SelfKey Wallet today!