SelfKey Wallets Latest Versions Released and KEY & KEYFI Airdrop Distribution Completed 🚀

SelfKey Weekly Newsletter Date - 14 July, 2021 The latest versions of the SelfKey Wallet released, and the completion of the KEY & KEYFI airdrop for Binance Hodlers.
16 Jul 2021

Dear SelfKey Astronauts,

The SelfKey mobile Wallet v0.5.6 and the desktop Wallet v1.9.8 have been released.

Mobile Wallet v0.5.6

The latest version of the SelfKey mobile Wallet includes bug fixes and performance improvements. Here is the list of the major updates on this release:

  • Made improvements to Passports and Residences Marketplace to create a smoother user experience.
  • Fixed the app closing issue on some devices when trying to apply using the Passports & Residences Marketplaces.
  • Fixed the BSC chain toggle issue that showed incorrect balances on some devices.
  • Other minor UI and performance improvements.

Desktop Wallet v1.9.8

The latest version of the SelfKey desktop Wallet also includes some minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • Fixed the issue of ETH Gas price override when using WalletConnect.
  • Improved KEYFI application check.
  • Fixed the issue of export wallet error on a missing Keystore file.
  • Other minor UI fixes and improvements.

Download the latest SelfKey Wallet now.


KEY & KEYFI Airdrop

The fifth and final snapshot for the KEY airdrop was successfully completed on 8th July at 8:00 AM HKT(GMT+8), bringing an end to all the snapshot phases related to the KEY & KEYFI airdrop.

The distribution of the KEY and KEYFI tokens to eligible hodlers were completed yesterday. Read the official Binance announcement here.


In February, we announced eligible KEY hodlers on Binance would receive not one but two airdrops - KEYFI & KEY tokens.

Both the airdrops were planned with five snapshots, with the KEYFI token one happening on the 28th of each month starting from 28th February 2021, and the KEY token one happening on the 8th of each month starting from 8th March 2021.

The airdrop design was in such a way that the average holding of the user over the five snapshots was to be used for the airdrop distribution. Such a design primarily ensured that users could maximize their holdings over these five months. Moreover, it also helped users who missed a snapshot to participate in the airdrop by holding enough tokens that would make up for the missed snapshot.

We like to thank the SelfKey & KeyFi community for their active participation in both the airdrops and making these airdrops programs an immense success for SelfKey and KeyFi.


The SelfKey Identity Wallet is a free identity solution for Windows, Linux and Mac. Get yours today!

News from Around the Web

Fidelity Digital to expand staff by 70% on strong crypto demand

Wallet Release Binance Airdrop KEY KEYFIFidelity Digital Assets is planning to increase headcount by about 70% as demand for cryptocurrency services from institutional investors remains strong.


New on the Blog

SelfKey Wallet Moonpay Credit CardsThe latest version of the SelfKey Wallet, allows users to purchase KEY tokens using their credit/debit cards. The integration with MoonPay thus allows SelfKey users to easily convert their fiat currencies to crypto, resolving a primary obstacle for an average user seeking to enter the DeFi space.


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