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SelfKey DAO Engagement System

It is already known how centralized systems work: the majority must follow the rules and authority of the few in order to benefit from necessary tools, applications, and websites. Even more, centralized systems do not offer us the means or opportunity to voice our concerns and needs as members of the system. DAOs, on the other hand, are shaped by the voices of its active members who work together towards common goals. Unfortunately, DAOs suffer from lack of user participation, which takes a toll on its structure. SelfKey DAO addresses this issue by developing an Incentive System which motivates members to mint work tokens through active participation. Not only will constant engagement benefit the growth of the DAO, but participants can use work tokens to obtain NTF packs to customize their NFTs, and take part in the DAO governance.
22 Mar 2023
People connecting their hands to connect and create a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)
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Nowadays, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are becoming more and more popular due to the many benefits they offer. These include creating a safe environment for individuals to interact with one another. as well as equality and transparency among its members. 

Despite the potential of DAOs, however, many struggle with a lack of user participation. Without active engagement from its members, decision-making and growth can be delayed, and the DAO's decentralized structure can decline. 

Thankfully, SelfKey DAO is addressing this issue by developing an engagement system that aims to keep its members active and involved. By motivating participants to regularly engage within the DAO, the DAO itself will become more active and successful.

In this article, we will elaborate on the SelfKey DAO Engagement System, its benefits, and how members can participate in the DAO in order to mint tokens.


  • The SelfKey DAO Engagement System
  • How the SelfKey DAO Engagement System Works
  • How to participate in the SelfKey DAO
  • The Benefits and Uses of Work Tokens
  • Conclusions

The SelfKey DAO Engagement System


The SelfKey DAO’s Engagement System is an innovation that offers a wide variety of benefits to its valued members. One of the main advantages of the SelfKey DAO Engagement System is that active members can mint tokens for their contributions and involvement within the network. 

These tokens can be used to access various services within the SelfKey ecosystem, such as buying NFT packs to customize NFTs, as well as buying SelfKey ENS domains

How the SelfKey DAO Engagement System Works

A brief definition

The SelfKey DAO Engagement System is designed to facilitate users to mint work tokens for their active participation and positive behavior in the DAO. Participants who contribute valuable resources, such as time, skills, or suggestions, are recognized accordingly. 

SelfKey DAO offers numerous benefits to its users, including a secure and decentralized platform for managing digital identities. Even more, participants are incentivized to work together towards common goals. This builds a strong sense of community and collaboration within the DAO.

The SelfKey DAO Engagement System and Individuals

Tokens minted within the SelfKey DAO Engagement System represent a powerful tool for promoting growth and adoption of the DAO. 

The DAO offers active members the possibility to mint tokens and have their contributions recognized. This helps the organization attract and retain high-quality talent and resources. In turn, it can enhance the quality and effectiveness of the services offered by the network.

All in all, the SelfKey DAO Engagement System is a powerful asset for creating a strong, joint community of participants who are committed to the success of the DAO. The long-term goal of the DAO is to be able to build a space for innovation and creativity, while also driving growth and adoption of its services.

How to participate in the SelfKey DAO

To fully benefit from the platform's Engagement system, users need to participate actively in the DAO's general governance and decision-making processes.

There are specific tasks which participants of a DAO can do in order to mint work tokens and help maintain the DAO.

How to keep the SelfKey DAO active and mint work tokens

Member engagement is a key necessity in order to benefit from an active platform. Aside from contributing to the overall well functioning of the SelfKey DAO, active members have the opportunity to mint work tokens by completing certain tasks. 

At the moment, there are some essential activities that participants can perform to help SelfKey DAO in achieving its goals. 

Here are some examples:

  • Invite Friends.
  • Post social media (SM) messages generated by the system.
  • Engage with the official Selfkey SM posts.
  • Be active in the official discord channel.
  • Stake on own credentials to increase security and reliability of the system.
  • Help with developer and designer tickets based on DAO grants.
  • Showing initiative and creativity in developing new ideas or solutions.

Invite Friends

Inviting friends to join SelfKey DAO can increase the membership and participation of the platform. This could offer more resources for the system, as friends could potentially bring in new skills and connections.

If more people join SelfKey DAO, the network security of the SelfKey ecosystem can grow. The benefit of this is that it can potentially result in greater visibility, influence, and impact within the larger community. 

Even more, a constant flow of new participants to the DAO can be a valuable strategy for expanding and strengthening it. It can increase its resources and capabilities, and build a more powerful sense of community and collaboration among its members.

Post social media (SM) messages generated by the system

It’s highly important for members to actively post SM messages generated by the system in order to boost the visibility of SelfKey DAO and its activities. This way, participants can help expand the SelfKey network by bringing awareness to the platform and its goals.

By using system-generated Social Media messages, SelfKey DAO can make sure that its content is consistent and on-brand. This can help create credibility and build trust among the community.

Another benefit of SM messages generated by the system is that it can be more efficient than manually creating and posting each message. This can save time and resources, allowing members of the DAO to focus on other important activities.

Engage with official Selfkey SM posts

Engaging with official SelfKey SM posts could help members stay informed with the latest official news and connect with others participants.

It allows members to make informed decisions, increase their visibility, and potentially attract new business opportunities. Participants can also give constructive feedback, which can lead to platform upgrades that could benefit the entire community. 

Additionally, by engaging with official SelfKey SM posts, active members can gain access to exclusive content or benefits that are not available anywhere else.

Be active in the official Discord channel

The SelfKey Discord channel is a community hub where users can connect with other members of the SelfKey community. 

Participants who stay active in the channel can engage with other individuals, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. Even more, active members can quickly get answers to their questions and find solutions to almost any problems they may encounter.

Our official discord channel is often the place where SelfKey DAO announces and hosts various events and activities. Therefore, keeping up with the channel and actively participating in discussions, members can stay up-to-date with important news and information.

Showing initiative and creativity in developing new ideas or solutions

By showing drive and creativity, active members can help develop new ideas and solutions that will help the DAO grow. This can be anything from suggesting new features for the DAO's platform to proposing fresh methods for community governance.

Stake on own credentials to increase security and reliability of the system

By certifying that members have a deep-rooted interest in keeping their own credentials safe, the overall security of the system can be enhanced. This can also minimize the risk of credentials being lost or stolen, as well as help keep participants safe from identity theft or other security breaches.

Another advantage of staking is that it can increase the credibility of the system by motivating participants to make sure that their credentials are valid and up-to-date. This way, errors or mistakes in the data can be prevented, reducing delays or issues when using the platform.

Help with developer and designer tickets based on DAO grants

One of the key benefits of offering a grant within SelfKey DAO is that members can mint tokens for their contributions to building the project. 

Helping with developer and designer tickets can improve the overall quality of the platform. By addressing technical issues and making improvements to the design, the platform can become more user-friendly, efficient, and effective. 

This can aid in attracting new users and retaining existing ones, as well as drive the growth of the DAO.

One way that members can contribute to the DAO is by delivering on development, design, and QA bounties based on grants. 

These bounties encourage members to tackle specific tasks that have to do with the development, design, and testing of the DAO's software. Participants can work together or individually to deliver high-quality work that meets the needs of the DAO and its community.

The Benefits and Uses of Work Tokens

As stated previously, SelfKey DAO facilitates benefits for active members, such as being able to mint tokens. We’ve elaborated on the activities active members can perform. Now, let us focus more thoroughly on how participants can make use of the work tokens they mint.

Work tokens can be exchanged for NFT packs

SelfKey’s NFTs are called Normies, and they can be customizable to fit the user’s personal preferences.

Here are some advantages Normies bring to members:

  • they allow users to express their unique creativity and personality by creating one-of-a-kind digital assets. 
  • they can increase the originality of the asset, as it becomes more exclusive and personalized. 
  • they enable members to have greater control over their digital assets.
  • they allow members to modify or add additional content to their NFT.

The NFT packs that members can obtain by exchanging work tokens can be used in several ways.

  • To customize Normies around a specific theme or concept, such as a particular genre or event, such as: fandoms, movies, games, music, etc.
  • To customize Normies by choosing the background, outfits, hair styles, skin color and texture, or additional details.
  • To create different levels of rarity among the NFTs contained within them. For example, a pack could contain one or more ultra-rare, limited-edition wearables.
  • To build a collection of related or complementary NFTs. This can motivate members to collect multiple packs in order to complete the entire set.

Additionally, SelfKey’s NFT packs can include unlockable content, such as additional media or exclusive access to events.

Work tokens can be used to participate in DAO Governance

DAO governance is ideal for members because: 

  • Decisions are made through a decentralized voting system that takes every participant’s opinion into consideration.
  • It represents a more fair and open method of organization that aims to benefit every active member.


Centralized systems are based on pyramid structures, where the majority have to follow the rules and authority of the few. Typically, in this kind of structure, individuals have no way of voicing their needs, let alone have them met.

DAOs, on the other hand, can be shaped by the participants’ direct involvement. This is why it is important to keep DAOs active. 

SelfKey DAO is working on developing the most efficient engagement system to make sure that active members are constantly involved with the development of the DAO. It’s likely to become the ideal space in which individuals can safely engage and have their needs heard and met. 

Keep in touch to learn more about SelfKey and how you can participate in building a better digital future!

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