Serenity Financial To Join The SelfKey Marketplace & Integrate the SelfKey Extension

We're delighted to announce our new partnership with Serenity Financial. Read the full announcement below.
01 Aug 2019
Chris Grundy
Serenity Announcement

1st of August, 2019 - SelfKey, the leading self-sovereign identity platform, has agreed a comprehensive partnership with Serenity Financial - the first blockchain escrow for financial and cryptocurrency markets. 

Serenity Financial’s innovative technology employs sophisticated transaction tracking, while protecting customer funds and delivering smooth dispute resolution. 

This service is crucial in the blockchain space and will make an excellent addition to SelfKey’s upcoming cryptocurrency exchange Marketplace. Thanks to this integration, SelfKey Wallet users will be able to access Serenity with just one click, utilizing a SelfKey ID to complete KYC.

The SelfKey Identity Wallet is a free identity solution for Windows, Linux and Mac. Get yours today!

Finally, Serenity will also be integrating SelfKey’s extension, allowing users to log in or register with just one click straight from the web-browser. Not only does this approach offer unprecedented security but it also makes the registration process much more convenient for SelfKey wallet users. 

Denis Kulagin, CEO of Serenity Financial said of the partnership: “Today, in the era of business digitalization, there are a lot of scams, risks, and unreliable companies not only in fintech, but also in the workflow industry. Therefore it is extremely important to develop joint projects aimed at achieving maximum transparency, security and data protection for all participants. Creating this synergy with SelfKey, we, as IT development experts, show that it is possible to qualitatively improve processes and expand a loyal community.”

SelfKey visionary Edmund Lowell said: “SelfKey is on a mission to empower individuals to manage their personal data. Strategic cooperation with like-minded partners is crucial for long-term success. That is why we are delighted to be working with Serenity Financial, a platform which prioritizes privacy and security.” 

About SelfKey
SelfKey is a leading identity management system that aims to return ownership over personal data back to the individual. To achieve this, SelfKey is building a rich identity ecosystem comprising the SelfKey Wallet and the growing Marketplace .

For more information about SelfKey and their mission, visit https://selfkey.org/

About Serenity Financial

Serenity Financial seeks to provide transparent and fair trading conditions for all parties in financial and crypto markets. Serenity blockchain escrow is a platform that is used as a competent arbiter between traders, investors, and brokers. Serenity also developed a same name digital asset licensed exchange, that has recently started aggregating liquidity from third-party exchanges.

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