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Synthetic Identity Theft: Latest Scam in Identity Thefts

SelfKey Weekly Newsletter Date - 23rd September, 2020 Identity theft has been an ever-evolving crime, and the latest of the lot is synthetic identity theft.
25 Sep 2020
SelfKey Newsletter 23rd Sep

Dear SelfKey Astronauts,

Identity theft has been an ever-evolving crime. And the latest method that has come to light is known as synthetic identity theft.

Investopedia defines synthetic identity theft as a type of fraud in which a criminal combines real and fake information to create a new identity. The real information used in this fraud is usually stolen. This information is used to open fraudulent accounts and make fraudulent purchases.

Victims of synthetic identity theft could end up with debts of large amounts of money. Moreover, Synthetic identity theft is far more difficult to detect, and the latest reports suggest that you could be a victim of this scam, unknowingly.

SelfKey wallets can help protect you from such scammers by safeguarding your identity and personal documents. SelfKey wallet users can gain complete control of their identity that is being shared with a third-party and negate the threat of identity theft scams like synthetic identity theft.

Download the SelfKey wallet now and protect your and your loved ones’ identity today.


If you have missed our previous newsletters for this month then we got news for you.

SelfKey may launch a secondary governance token with staking and DeFi capabilities that will coexist with the KEY token.

Read the proposal document here.


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We would like you to participate in this 3-minute survey that would help us get your feedback on the SelfKey Wallet.


The SelfKey Identity Wallet is a free identity solution for Windows, Linux and Mac. Get yours today!

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We’re happy to announce that SelfKey will be partnering with Polkadot.


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Quote of the Week - “The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” - William Arthur Ward

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