ETH merge

KEY Metaverse

SelfKey 2.0 – Your KEY to Identity in the Metaverse

The launch of SelfKey 2.0 commences with a simple design update to the SelfKey website, which underlines the new mission statement of “KEY to the Metaverse.” However, this is a huge step as SelfKey 2.0 may help position SelfKey as a prominent project that strengthens and/or provides the identity layer for the Metaverse.

14 Dec, 2021
The Ethereum Merge

The Ethereum Merge

As a result of the upgrade, Ethereum implemented proof-of-stake, a more energy- and environmentally-friendly mechanism.

20 Sep, 2022
Ethereum Merge

Ethereum Merge

Now the merging is finished. The Merge is about Ethereum transitioning to proof of stake, a more energy-efficient way of validating transactions that take place on the platform.

15 Sep, 2022