The Bullish Dip and there’s Still Time to Join the Airdrop

SelfKey Weekly Newsletter Date - 23rd June, 2021 The recent dip in the Crypto Markets, Puell Multiple, and the double airdrop for KEY hodlers on Binance.
30 Jun 2021
SelfKey Newsletter

Dear SelfKey Astronauts,

The recent dip across the crypto market cannot be left unacknowledged. However, the dip, essentially fueled due to the china FUD, may not be a bad thing after all. Because Chinese miners going offline, has the potential to be a good thing, primarily because of three reasons:

  • The mining industry is poised to become more decentralized due to the reduction and the potential redistribution of the hashing power from Chinese mining farms.
  • Secondly, it was almost apparent that China would always be reluctant to fully embrace BTC, and the latest news may not have done anything special but just made it a little more definitive.

Finally, the dip has also resulted in the drop of one of the significant technical indicators - "The Puell Multiple." The Puell Multiple helps traders gauge the market tops and bottoms fairly effectively, and a drop in the Puell Multiple during the current dip may point towards the fact that the market has bottomed or is close to bottoming.

Despite what is happening in the markets, the SelfKey ecosystem continues to evolve, and some exciting news in this regard will soon be coming your way. So stay tuned!


In February, we announced not one but two airdrops in collaboration with Binance for KEY token holders on Binance - one each for KEYFI and KEY.

Both the airdrops had five snapshots, each happening once a month from February to June for KEYFI and March to July for KEY.

The airdrop design was in such a way that the average holding of the user over the five snapshots was to be used for the airdrop distribution. Such a design primarily ensured that users could maximize their holdings over these five months. Moreover, it also helped users who missed a snapshot to participate in the airdrop by holding enough tokens that would make up for the missed snapshot.

Now, we are only days away from the last of the five snapshots for KEY holders on Binance.

Hence, this is the last chance for interested users to participate in the airdrop. Even users who have missed all the previous snapshots can still be eligible for the airdrop by holding enough tokens that would fulfill the eligibility requirement for both KEYFI and KEY airdrops.

The fifth and final snapshot for the KEYFI airdrop is happening on 28th June 2021 at 8:00 AM HKT(GMT+8), and the same for the KEY airdrop is scheduled on 08th July 2021 at 8:00 AM HKT(GMT+8).

Therefore, interested users who would like to participate in the airdrop need to make sure they have the required number of tokens on the Binance spot Wallet before the mentioned date and time.

The distribution of the KEYFI airdrop to eligible users is scheduled to happen on 8th July 2021.

Read more about the airdrops by clicking the link below.


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