SelfKey Marketplace

A variety of financial, corporate, citizenship, and crypto services are available through the SelfKey Marketplace, and users can compare, contrast, and instantaneously sign up for them.
22 Sep 2022
The SelfKey Marketplace
  • Passports Marketplace - The Passports Marketplace helps SelfKey Wallet users to obtain alternative citizenship in various countries through investment programs. 
  • Residence Marketplace - With greater control over their data than centralized systems, the SelfKey Residency Marketplace makes it simpler for individuals to get Temporary and Permanent residences in many locations. 
  • Loans Marketplace - With the SelfKey Loans Marketplace, the SelfKey Wallet gains remarkable features that make it simple to compare several top-notch crypto lending platforms. 
  • Exchange Marketplace - The SelfKey exchange marketplace is where you can compare different exchange accounts and sign up instantly.
  • Offshore bank accounts Marketplace - The SelfKey Bank Accounts Marketplace helps you to set up a foreign bank account from within a cryptocurrency wallet within minutes. 
  • Incorporations Marketplace - Now SelfKey Wallet users can open a business abroad while enjoying complete transparency about fees and KYC requirements of their chosen jurisdiction.
  • Certifier's Platform -The Certifiers platform will enable SelfKey users to get their documents verified through a real-life notary. 


The SelfKey Identity Wallet is a free identity solution for Windows, Linux and Mac. Get yours today!


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