The SelfKey Token Sale

The SelfKey Token Sale sold $21,740,000 worth of KEY tokens.
The support and feedback was spectacular. After more than 60,000 whitelist applications, the Public Token Sale sold out in just 11 minutes.


The SelfKey Token Sale



Private Pre-Sale – 15 November 2017 – 14 December 2017

Public Pre-Sale – 15 December 2017 – 19 December 2017

Token Price

USD 0.008 / USD 0.01 / USD 0.0113

Total Amount Sold

USD 15,642,885

Public Sale


14 January 2018 (11 minutes)

Token Price

USD 0.015

Total Amount Sold

USD 6,086,532


Distribution Plan
Current Distribution
TOTAL SUPPLY: 5,999,999,954 KEY

Circulating Supply: 2,479,024,642 KEY

Token Sale

33% of the Token Supply was sold during the Private and Public Sale

Legal Expenses

1% of the Token Supply was paid to the Legal Counsel of the SelfKey Token Sale

Advisory and Marketing Expenses

4% has been used for advisors, professional service providers and for marketing expenses.


2.5% of the Token Supply has been used for business development & strategic partnerships efforts.

Non-Circulating Supply: 3,520,975,312 KEY

Reserve & Expenses

12.5% will be kept as long-term Foundation Reserve and for sporadic expenses that must be paid in KEY.


31.5% will be used to enlarge the SelfKey community and the usability of the SelfKey Wallet. This includes business developments and strategic partnership efforts, as well as Airdrops and Staking grants to Marketplace participants. Identity Owners, Service Providers and Certifiers will require to stake KEY to ensure integrity and best-practices in the Marketplace. The SelfKey Foundation plans to provide KEY tokens for staking to incentivize early-stage use and for companies that can’t legally purchase Tokens – such as Banks or Utility companies.

Founding Team Tokens

16.5% of the Founding Team token allocation will be released periodically starting January 2019 during a period of 5 years.

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