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Woman enjoying her first SelfKey ID
18 Sep 2023
Trending Now: Get a FREE SelfKey iD, Unlock SELF!
Dear SelfKey Astronauts,  Recent trends reveal a disturbing increase in the cunning tactics cybercriminals employ, specifically targeting centralized systems. Countless victims continue grappling with the financial,…
Image depicting SelfKey iD.
11 Sep 2023
New Extra Benefits For SelfKey ID Users - Grab Yours for FREE!
Dear SelfKey Astronauts,  The digital landscape is shifting, and SelfKey aims to be right at the forefront of this evolution with the highly-anticipated launch of SelfKey…
Person looking at their phone, advertising the launch of SelfKey iD.
01 Sep 2023
SelfKey ID Has Launched and It's Free—For Now!
🚀 Dear SelfKey Astronauts,  SelfKey ID has officially launched, and guess what? It's still absolutely FREE* to obtain! But this one of a kind, exclusive offer…
Person getting ready for the launch of SelfKey iD.
23 Aug 2023
Major Launch Alert - SelfKey iD is LIVE!
🚀 Dear SelfKey Astronauts,  Ever felt that twinge of unease every time you enter personal details online? Or wondered if you're just one hack away from…
Laptop screens showing data breach in progress.
29 Jun 2023
ALERT: Are YOU A Victim of The Latest Data Breach?
The number of data breach and identity theft victims keeps increasing after recent cyber attack on MOVEit, a file-transfer service. Victims include both entities and individuals…
AI looking at the screen. A robot.
10 Jun 2023
Will AI Turn Malicious?! Protect Yourself Now!
The subject of artificial intelligence (AI) has been at the top of most discussions since the beginning of this year due to its immense and ever-growing…
A person holding a cup, on a technological background, looking amazed at the potential of Artificial Intelligence.
02 Jun 2023
AI Discoveries That Will Make Your Jaw Drop!
With the aid of AI, science has taken an immense step forward, now capable of preventing terrifying diseases from wrecking havoc on humanity. In the digital…
Hacker attempting to cause a data breach.
26 May 2023
Cyberattacks On The Rise - Are YOU safe?
Cybercriminals are becoming more active in their pursuit to exploit vulnerabilities in weak security systems online. Is you online identity safe? Could YOU be the next…
Virtual spaces.
19 May 2023
Evil Twins & Metaverse Identity Theft - Are You at Risk?
Cyberspace can open amazing doors to knowledge, communication, and exploration of incredible digital realms. But, are you aware of the dangers which lurk in the corners…
Person typing on a laptop, attempting to commit identity theft.
12 May 2023
Horrifying Types of Cyber Crime Cost Victims BILLIONS - Are you next?!
Billions of dollars are extorted by cybercriminals who exploit people's vulnerabilities. SelfKey is up to date with these devastating facts and remains focused on utilising the potential…
Police evidence found at a crime scene where the personal documents of an identity theft victim may incriminate the victim.
05 May 2023
Identity Theft Victim Framed For Murder - Is Your Identity Safe?
Data breaches occur at an alarming frequency, with some consequences taking endless day, weeks, or even a lifetime to recover from. The negative impacts you could…
A person tapping on a keyboard and processing information.
27 Apr 2023
Cyberattacks on the Rise: Could SelfKey be Your Defense?
The threat of cyberattacks has always been present, and even though most people may think it can't happen to them, it's never too far to reach…
Person clicking on a laptop. Laptop's screen shows the importance of data security and privacy.
21 Apr 2023
Digital Identity Privacy: What Experts Say and Why SelfKey Agrees
National Australia Bank (NAB) has discussed developing a digital identity ecosystem with experts from industry, government and academia, with privacy, security and customer-centricity identified as key…
14 Apr 2023
Data breaches put millions at risk: Could SelfKey be the Solution?
Recent data breaches in Yum! Brands, Kodi, and even TikTok proves that not only high-tech companies and powerful institutions are targeted by bad players online. So…
07 Apr 2023
SelfKey AI-Powered DAO in 2023?
Although the rapid advancement of technology may cause anxiety, AI (artificial intelligence) presents numerous advantages, like improved efficiency and accuracy. SelfKey acknowledges the potential of AI…
29 Mar 2023
Stay Alert: Centralized Systems Continue To Fail! Keep your data safe!
As centralized systems continue to fail, concerns about a potential global banking crisis persist. However, SelfKey remains unwavering in its pursuit of creating decentralized solutions for…
23 Mar 2023
Credit Suisse Collapse: Are You Safe?!
News about banks collapsing in recent weeks has taken over the internet. Following the downfall of several smaller banks in the US, the world is now…
16 Mar 2023
SVB Collapses, USDC Depegs, What next?!
🚀 Dear SelfKey Astronauts,  You may have heard about the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank 📉❗, as well as the impact it had on USDC’s value…
12 Mar 2023
The Future of Digital Identity
🚀 Dear SelfKey Astronauts,  In case you missed it, the SelfKey DAO Whitepaper is here! We're also excited to discuss new methods for storing and managing…
01 Mar 2023
SelfKey Newsletter March 02, 2023
Dear SelfKey Astronauts,   The wait is finally over! The moment you are all waiting for is here! We present to you the SelfKey DAO Whitepaper!…
SelfKey Progress Report December 2022
05 Jan 2023
SelfKey Progress Report for December 2022
Another eventful year has passed. Crypto, along with SelfKey, had a defining year. Do read all about it in the December 2022 edition of the SelfKey…
Progress Report December 2021
05 Jan 2022
SelfKey Progress Report for December 2021
December brought culmination to an epic year, both for SelfKey and the wider crypto industry. The SelfKey progress report for December has all that has happened…
SelfKey Progress Report July
04 Aug 2021
SelfKey Progress Report for July 2021
SelfKey Progress Report July 2021 - July has been an exciting and eventful month. Here is all the news and updates regarding SelfKey.
Progress Report October 2020
01 Nov 2020
SelfKey Progress Report for October 2020
Delighted to bring you the progress report for the month of October 2020. We made some exciting updates to the SelfKey Wallet. Read all about it,…
SelfKey Progress Report Sep 2020
05 Oct 2020
SelfKey Progress Report for September 2020
The progress report for September 2020 is here, an exciting month filled with numerous updates.
SelfKey Voyage Report
17 Jan 2020
SelfKey Progress Report for December
Welcome to the final Voyage Report of 2019. We had a fantastic year together, achieving many milestones and launching awesome features. Thank you for joining us…
September Voyage Report
09 Oct 2019
SelfKey Progress Report for September
September was another fantastic month for the SelfKey Foundation as we added more jurisdictions to the Bank Accounts Marketplace.
SelfKey Vpyage Report
11 Aug 2019
SelfKey Progress Report July
We're delighted to bring you the progress report for July. Check it out to learn more about the upcoming Bank Accounts Marketplace, the Libra project and…
06 May 2019
SelfKey Product Progress Report April 2019
We’ve recently redesigned the website with performance improvements and updated information on our latest progress. These changes should help the website load faster both on…
SelfKey is a fast-growing DAO developing digital identity solutions. The DAO seeks to empower individuals and corporations to take back ownership of their identity data
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