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AI Discoveries That Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

With the aid of AI, science has taken an immense step forward, now capable of preventing terrifying diseases from wrecking havoc on humanity. In the digital world, SelfKey is aiming to utilize the potential of AI to prevent cyberthreats and viruses which could cause individuals just as much harm. The launch date of SelfKey iD […]
02 Jun 2023
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The launch date of SelfKey iD is getting closer! 

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has witnessed remarkable advancements in the scientific realm, showcasing its ever-growing potential. Despite recent concerns regarding its misuse by malicious actors, AI holds tremendous promise in benefiting society. 

In a groundbreaking advancement against antimicrobial resistance, scientists have harnessed the power of AI to uncover a potent antibiotic capable of effectively treating a highly drug-resistant superbug. This breakthrough holds immense significance in the global battle against this grave public health threat.

Utilizing deep learning techniques, the AI algorithm successfully identified a remarkable molecule named abaucin, which exhibits the ability to eliminate the targeted bacteria. Moreover, the AI-driven approach employed in this study has the potential to accelerate the discovery of treatments for other lethal diseases like MRSA. 

This stands in stark contrast to traditional screening methods that are painstakingly slow, expensive, and constrained in their scope, while AI enables rapid exploration of vast chemical spaces.

Similar to the real, physical world, the internet in its various forms is crawling with threats like viruses, bugs, phishing attempts, data breaches and identity theft. And these threats must be treated and prevented with just as much effort and seriousness. 

For this reason, SelfKey utilizes the power of AI in its goal to develop decentralized solutions meant to combat cyberspace and internet risks and challenges

The first step towards a more secure decentralized future is to stay informed and spread awareness on the importance of online privacy and security. 

⚡The SelfKey DAO Whitepaper can teach you more about the benefits of decentralized systems.

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Crypto News

NVIDIA's Neuralangelo is an AI model that can generate 3D objects from 2D videos

NVIDIA has unveiled a new AI model called Neuralangelo that has the capability to generate 3D replicas of objects from 2D videos. By analyzing different frames of a video showcasing the object from various angles, Neuralangelo can accurately understand its depth, size, and shape. 

This breakthrough technology has wide-ranging applications in video games, industrial digital twins, robotics, virtual reality, architecture, and art. 

NVIDIA will be presenting Neuralangelo at the Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition event in Vancouver.

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