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Cyberattacks on the Rise: Could SelfKey be Your Defense?

The threat of cyberattacks has always been present, and even though most people may think it can't happen to them, it's never too far to reach any of us, at any time. The consequences of a data breach can range from exposure of sensitive information to identity theft, and even financial loss.
27 Apr 2023
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🚀 Dear SelfKey Astronauts, 

Cybersecurity threats are becoming more common, and it’s a good time to seriously consider the safety of our private data online

The technology director of the Paris 2024 Olympics, Bruno Marie-Rose, has warned of an eight to ten times increase in cyberattacks compared to those seen during Tokyo 2020, citing the war in Ukraine as a factor. 

Marie-Rose expressed concerns over state attacks, and cyber-security partner Atos has opened a special integrated testing laboratory in Madrid to monitor the security of the Paris 2024 network, where 250,000 hours of testing will be carried out. 

As the risk of data breaches becomes more prevalent, both on a personal level and at a larger scale, SelfKey is emphasizing the need for stronger online security measures

During Tokyo 2020, there were reportedly 450 million attacks and 4.4 billion threats (an alarming 800 per second), and the Paris Olympics networks will handle accreditations and portals for volunteers, among other features.

This should be an eye-opener that cyberattacks pose serious threats to individuals and companies alike. They can cause damages worth millions of dollars, disrupt logistics, as well as force companies to shut down, which may lead to thousands of people losing their jobs.

Data breaches can happen even when we are using familiar applications in the safety of our homes. Just because it hasn't occurred yet, it doesn’t mean we are safe from an attack. In fact, with the rise of new technologies, bad players are waiting in the wings, using AI's potential to harm others.

SelfKey is taking this matter seriously, and has proposed a number of decentralized solutions with the aim of enhancing online security. These solutions may decrease cyberattacks in the future and may enable individuals to safely operate in the digital world.

To begin with, SelfKey DAO may offer a secure space for individuals to exercise their Self-Sovereign Identity rights, as well as engage with other individuals, without the constant threat of identity theft. 

Secondly, SelfKey iD may provide members with both privacy and security without having to sacrifice their sense of "self" and individuality in the online world.

SelfKey’s vision is centered on the individual, on the core belief that privacy is a basic human right, and that personal data should not be traded for convenience. All of this may be made possible in a decentralized network.

⚡The SelfKey DAO Whitepaper can teach you more about the benefits of decentralized systems.

Featured article:

⚠️ Data Breaches: Risks and Consequences

Sharing private information on the internet has become so normalized that people seldom ever stop to think of its negative impacts. Despite being a routine practice, it doesn't necessarily mean it's secure. Data breaches occur daily, and anyone can fall victim to them at any time, with some breaches resulting in irreversible harm to those whose data was compromised.

Read more → about Data Breaches, what causes them, and what are the negative impacts they bring.

In case you missed it:

👑 SelfKey ENS: Adoption of Self-Sovereignty on Blockchain

The concept behind ENS was to provide individuals and small businesses with the ability to own and control their own online domains, thereby enhancing their visibility. SelfKey, with a focus on self-sovereign identity, intends to create subdomains that offer the same advantages as ENS but potentially at a lower cost to ensure accessibility to everyone.

​Read more → about SelfKey’s ENS subdomains, as well as the advantages they may bring.

Crypto News

📰 A Cyberattack Forced a Logistics Company to Temporarily Halt Operations

Expeditors International suffered a cyberattack in February 2022, causing a shutdown of most of its operating and accounting systems for three weeks. This limited its ability to manage customs processing and ship freight. Long-time customer iRobot is suing Expeditors for delays and lost business, with the incident already costing Expeditors $47 million in extra charges

This attack reflects the long-term impact of data breaches on supply chains and the vulnerability of companies to the resulting disruptions. Cyber insurance remains costly, and other potential litigation or claims cannot be estimated.


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