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Major Launch Alert - SelfKey iD is LIVE!

🚀 Dear SelfKey Astronauts,  Ever felt that twinge of unease every time you enter personal details online? Or wondered if you're just one hack away from a personal data disaster? With the digital realm expanding at lightning speed, security threats aren't just sci-fi plot points anymore—they're real and evolving.  But here’s the good news: so […]
23 Aug 2023
Person getting ready for the launch of SelfKey iD.

🚀 Dear SelfKey Astronauts, 

Ever felt that twinge of unease every time you enter personal details online? Or wondered if you're just one hack away from a personal data disaster? With the digital realm expanding at lightning speed, security threats aren't just sci-fi plot points anymore—they're real and evolving. 

But here’s the good news: so are the solutions.

The future of digital security isn't just about defense—it's about empowerment, control, and innovation. And it starts with SelfKey iD - your new, digital identity solution, now LIVE 🔐🔥

In today's interconnected world, our digital footprint extends beyond just our email addresses or social media profiles. Every click, every form submission, and every online interaction is part of our digital identity. And, with the rapid advancement in technology, the threats we face online - from data breaches and identity theft to Sybil attacks - have also advanced. 

Unfortunately, more often than not, we find ourselves at the mercy of these threats.

For years, SelfKey has been at the forefront of addressing these challenges. By relentlessly harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence, SelfKey has been striving to innovate decentralized solutions that not only combat the various threats of the digital world but also pave the way for a potentially more secure online ecosystem.

Yet, even as we fight external threats, an internal challenge remains: the control over our digital identities. Over the years, the lack of such control has seen individuals tethered to centralized systems. And most of these systems, despite their vast networks, often fall prey to sophisticated cyber attacks, leaving users vulnerable.

Given these facts, SelfKey iD strives to become a beacon of hope in this often chaotic digital landscape. 

It aims to return the control of one's digital identity back to its rightful owner - the user. 

SelfKey iD was developed with the goal to empower individuals, allowing them to decide the visibility of their private or sensitive information. It's not just about setting permissions; it's about granting trust on your terms.

Overall, the internet has become a world where our digital identity is as crucial as our physical one. Thuss, having tools like SelfKey iD may ensure that we're not just protected, but also in command. 

It's time to regain control and navigate the digital world with confidence!

⚡Visit SelfKey DAO Whitepaper to learn more about decentralized systems and SelfKey’s proposed decentralized solutions.

Featured article:

A Guide to Using SelfKey iD for Digital Identity Verification

Compared to some traditional KYC checks that can be tedious and vexing for users, SelfKey iD may be a better, decentralized solution with its focus on digital security. 

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In case you missed it:

SelfKey iD POI Locking

SelfKey proposes a decentralized solution that may effectively combat data theft and unlawful attempts by cybercriminals to gain access to sensitive systems.

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Crypto News

A cyberattack has disrupted hospitals and health care in several states

Several hospitals and clinics across various states are grappling with the aftermath of a cyberattack that disrupted their computer systems, leading to the shutdown of some emergency rooms and causing ambulances to be rerouted. 

The FBI is involved, and while the incident bears characteristics of a ransomware attack, there has been no official confirmation.

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