Voyage reports


SelfKey Progress Report for August

August was another exciting month for SelfKey, as we successfully launched the Bank Accounts Marketplace – a way for you to open personal and corporate bank accounts across multiple, excellent jurisdictions.

5 Sep, 2019
SelfKey Vpyage Report

SelfKey Progress Report July

We’re delighted to bring you the progress report for July. Check it out to learn more about the upcoming Bank Accounts Marketplace, the Libra project and what’s next for SelfKey.

11 Aug, 2019

SelfKey Progress Report June 2019

June was an exciting month for the SelfKey team as we made significant progress on the Bank Accounts Marketplace and we’re now getting ready for the launch.

15 Jul, 2019
SelfKey May 2019 Voyage Report

SelfKey Product Progress Report May 2019

For this month’s update, we’ll be talking about the Bank Accounts Marketplace, creating a Decentralized Identifier (DID), and our browser plugin that was recently renamed to the SelfKey Extension.

4 Jun, 2019

SelfKey Product Progress Report April 2019

We’ve recently redesigned the website with performance improvements and updated information on our latest progress. These changes should help the website load faster both on desktop and mobile devices. There will also be updated resources coming soon for developers, relying parties, and certifiers as the ecosystem grows.

6 May, 2019
SelfKey Voyage Report March

SelfKey Product Progress Report March 2019

We are proud to announce that the Incorporations Marketplace has launched this month. Inside this marketplace, you can set up a new corporate entity and pay for services with KEY tokens.

6 Apr, 2019
SelfKey Voyage Report February

SelfKey Product Progress Report February 2019

Thank you for joining us with the second product update of this year. We’ve been hard at work getting the Incorporations marketplace ready for launch, including fixing the remaining bugs, preparing the help documentation, and step-by-step tutorials on how to use this new marketplace.

6 Mar, 2019
SelfKey Voyage Report January

SelfKey Product Progress Report January 2019

Happy New Year and thanks for joining us in the first monthly update of January 2019. In the past month, we’ve been preparing for internal testing of the Incorporations marketplace.

5 Feb, 2019
SelfKey Voyage Report December

SelfKey Product Progress Report December 2018

This month we have been continuing work on the backend infrastructure of the SelfKey Marketplace and how your data is handled in a KYC process when applying for products or services.

6 Jan, 2019