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SelfKey Newsletter March 02, 2023

Dear SelfKey Astronauts,   The wait is finally over! The moment you are all waiting for is here! We present to you the SelfKey DAO Whitepaper! Read the SelfKey Dao Whitepaper ->
01 Mar 2023

The SelfKey DAO whitepaper outlines the vision of a distinctive Zero Knowledge identity verification architecture (ZK KYC) powered by an AI engine governed by the SelfKey community through the SelfKey DAO.

AI-Powered Zero Knowledge KYC

The AI-powered ZK KYC is a one-of-a-kind solution that enables participants to utilize their identity on Web3 without putting their personal data at risk. Using the ZK KYC architecture, participants can generate their credentials, which they can use across Web3 to verify their identity.

While the ZK architecture proposed in the SelfKey DAO whitepaper allows participants to authenticate their identity without having to disclose it to third parties, it also enables Web3 platforms to verify users’ identity without storing any of their identity data.

The AI engine serves as the central component of this architecture, streamlining identity verification for network participants and producing SelfKey iD with minimal need for manual intervention.

SelfKey DAO

SelfKey DAO is perhaps the most notable proposal outlined in the whitepaper. It is proposed that the entire SelfKey ecosystem, including the ZK architecture, AI engine, SelfKey Marketplace and NFT collection, will be subject to governance by the community via SelfKey DAO.

SelfKey DAO aims to put its participants at the center of its axis, active participation from users is critical for the success of the SelfKey DAO, and participants who actively contribute to securing the network will receive rewards for their efforts.

That’s not all!


NFT Collection

In addition to securing their identity and using the verifiable credentials seamlessly on Web3, the network participants can mint an exclusive, customizable NFT  in exchange for working to secure the network.

Here is what’s waiting for you:

The SelfKey community is poised to make crypto history by uniting cutting-edge concepts like ZK architecture with innovative technologies such as AI and Machine Learning (ML), and offering NFTs, one of the most popular crypto products, all while being governed by a community-driven DAO. This combination of elements is potentially creating an unprecedented event in the crypto world.

Thank you for your continuous support. The SelfKey DAO Whitepaper is all yours! Read the Whitepaper ->

As always, the SelfKey community is at the helm of this change, and community feedback is crucial. Join the SelfKey Discord ->



Note: Purchasing SelfKey, a Self Sovereign Identity Token (known as “KEY”), should not be considered an investment, and it should not be purchased for speculative reasons. The KEY token does not give its holder any right to profits, and it does not represent any ownership interest. It confers no ability to vote or manage. KEY is a digital asset that has value and utility solely within the SelfKey Ecosystem for the exchange of goods or services available in that ecosystem.


This communication is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell, a solicitation to buy, or a recommendation for any digital asset, nor does it constitute an offer to provide investment advisory or other services. No reference to any specific digital asset constitutes a recommendation to buy, sell or hold such digital asset. Nothing in this report shall be considered a solicitation or offer to buy or sell any digital asset, security, future, option or other financial instrument or to offer or provide any investment advice or service to any person in any jurisdiction.


This document contains statements relating to future events. These statements are based on current expectations. However, there are a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking statements included in this document. Any views expressed in this newsletter were prepared based upon the information available to us at the time such views were written. Changed or additional information could cause such views to change.


To the best of our knowledge, the information contained herein is accurate as of the date stated; however, the accuracy and completeness of the information are not guaranteed, and we disclaim any duty to update the information should circumstances change. You should not rely upon the information without conducting your own validation.


LOCK Tokens have no monetary value and are not ascribed any price or conversion ratio by the LOCK DAO, the operators of the POI Credential system. LOCK Tokens do not confer any right to participate in any profits or revenues, and they do not represent any type of ownership interest. They are digital assets that have utility solely within the POI Credential system.

SelfKey Protocol is maintained by a DAO of SelfKey iD Holders. Join us and help revolutionize identity management in Web3!
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