SelfKey Progress Report for April

We're delighted to bring you the fourth Progress Report of the new decade. We made some exciting updates to the SelfKey Wallet in April. Read all about it, including new partnerships and fresh content, below.
06 May 2020
SelfKey Voyage Report for April

We hope that you are all safe and healthy during this turbulent time. Here at SelfKey, our team continues to work remotely and make important strides on both the Desktop and Mobile Wallets. If you’re working from home, we’ve compiled our top tips for you here. We hope you find them useful!

In other news, you may want to mark your calendar! Next Tuesday, the 12th of May, we will be posting answers to an #AMA in our official Telegram group, answering questions submitted by the community. We're still accepting more questions! Ask ahead of time if you want yours to be included. ?

It remains to be seen how cryptocurrency will emerge after CODIV-19, but we’re optimistic that it will gain even more mainstream adoption, which in turn will lead to more innovation and utility.


Product Updates

First off, thank you to everyone who participated in our survey regarding updates to the SelfKey Wallet. As a result, we launched a new release which pre-loads the top ERC-20 tokens into your wallet. It’s a feature that was particularly popular among community members, so thank you again for your feedback! Additionally, there are some UI changes to the mobile wallet to help improve usability.

Earlier this month, both the desktop and the mobile wallet saw an update as well. We added new features and other minor updates for both Desktop and Mobile. The new desktop version is ready to work with the new Ledger firmware 1.6.0, and now allows Desktop-to-Mobile wallet importing - a really useful feature so make sure to check it out.

Download the SelfKey Identity Wallet for desktop and our first iteration of the SelfKey Mobile Wallet if you haven't yet:

? Desktop: https://selfkey.org/download/

? Android: bit.ly/3bq7Hc1

? IOS: apple.co/2y43I6w

The Loans Marketplace, accessible through the SelfKey Desktop Wallet, users will be able to easily compare and sign up for crypto lending services. There is an incredible amount of innovation in this space and we look forward to making it easily available to our community. 

If you’d like us to add specific lending providers, make sure to make a suggestion in our ideas portal.

The SelfKey Identity Wallet is a free identity solution for Windows, Linux and Mac. Get yours today!

The R&D Team Update

The SelfKey R&D team has been putting together a detailed paper which appraises the state of identity management in 2020 and lays out SelfKey’s vision for the future.

In April, we released Chapter 4 (linked below), which looks at how KEY can be used for Distributed Reputation. Make sure to check it out in the content section below.


Trusted European cryptocurrency exchange – Tokens.net joins SelfKey’s Cryptocurrency Exchange Marketplace

We’re excited to announce a new addition to the SelfKey Cryptocurrency Exchange Marketplace – Tokens.net.

Based in Europe, Tokens.net is a Cryptocurrency Exchange operating in a stable and reliable business environment managed by industry pioneers with proven track record. Tokens.net platform represents a distinctive trading engine with a user-friendly interface assuring 100% trading volume transparency and fast execution. The primary function of the exchange’s native DTR tokens is providing real-time information on the number of transactions and transparent trading volume. 

Read the full announcement here.

Fresh Content

[Update] All Data Breaches in 2019 & 2020 – An Alarming Timeline

Your data is valuable and should belong to you. Nevertheless our online records are exposed on an almost daily basis, with potentially devastating consequences. Check out our up-to-date list of data breaches and hacks here.

[Chapter 4] Use of KEY for Distributed Reputation – Update 2020 HODL & BUIDL

In Chapter 4 of the R&D team’s update for 2020, we take a look at the concept of using KEY for Distributed Reputation. Read all about it here.

The Best Crypto Loan Platforms

As the popularity of crypto lending has increased, traditional financial instruments have begun to make their way into this emerging market. Crypto users can now make use of margin lending, crypto-to-fiat lending, and crypto-to-crypto lending for a multitude of purposes. In this article we cover how crypto lending works, and the three best crypto lending platforms that are currently on the market. Read the full article here.

Introduction to Cryptocurrency Lending

Cryptocurrency lending is a rapidly evolving and endlessly intriguing arena in the field of distributed ledger technology. Here we give you an overview of the ecosystem, the fees and the key concepts. Read all about it here.

That’s all for this month. Check out our previous Progress Reports here and make sure to join us on Telegram. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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