SelfKey Progress Report for August 2021

SelfKey had released some major updates and news during August. This progress report is a compilation of all that happened during the month of August 2021.
01 Sep 2021
SelfKey Progress report August 2021

SelfKey Wallet Updates

Both the SelfKey Wallets - desktop and mobile, received major updates.

Desktop Wallet v1.9.10

The latest version of the SelfKey desktop Wallet comes with a major update - support for EIP-1559.

The EIP-1559 improvement proposal, which was included as part of the Ethereum London hardfork, has fundamentally modified the functioning of the Ethereum network.

Traditionally for a transaction on the Ethereum network to complete, the transaction cost was determined when a user chooses a specific Gas price and when miners accept this Gas price. The EIP-1559 will modify this traditional auction method.

EIP-1559 has now introduced two types of fees for a transaction - a Base Fee and a Priority Fee.

The base fee amount may be adjusted up and down by the Ethereum protocol based on the congestion on the ETH network. When the network exceeds the target per-block gas usage, the base fee increases slightly, and when capacity is below the target, it decreases slightly.

The priority fee, on the other hand, is used to compensate miners. Users can also manually set the transaction max fee to bound their total costs.

In addition to the changes to the fees structure, a burning mechanism has also been introduced to the Ethereum network for the first time. Since the implementation of the proposal, more than 155,000 ETH (equivalent to ~US$ 550 Million) has been burned.

With the latest update, the SelfKey desktop Wallet allows users to utilize the EIP-1559 changes.

Some of the other minor updates include:

  • Fix for Infura sync calls
  • Fix for Nonce override
  • Other minor UI fixes and improvements

Desktop Wallet v1.9.11

The Desktop Wallet underwent another release with version v1.9.11. The major updates in the release include:

  • Support for EIP-1559 for SelfKey Marketplace transactions.
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.
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Mobile Wallet v0.5.7

The SelfKey mobile Wallet also had some major updates last month.

The most important update for the SelfKey mobile Wallet was the EIP-1559 support. Similar to the SelfKey desktop Wallet, the mobile Wallet was also upgraded to provide users the opportunity to use the improvements made to the Ethereum network through EIP-1559 and the London hardfork.

The mobile Wallet also had some infrastructure updates, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

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Fresh content

The Infrastructure Bill and What it Holds for Crypto

In this article, we’ll try to summarize the key points surrounding the infrastructure bill and the effect it has on crypto. We will keep this article updated as and when new information regarding the infrastructure bill becomes available.

Read the article here.

That’s all for this month. Check out our previous Progress Reports here. Stay safe, and Thanks for reading.

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