SelfKey Progress Report for September 2021

September was filled with awesome news and great partnerships. SelfKey Progress Report for September lists all that has happened during the last month.
05 Oct 2021
SelfKey Progress Report September

SelfKey Wallet Updates

Both the SelfKey Wallets - desktop and mobile wallets received the latest updates.

Desktop Wallet v1.9.16

The SelfKey desktop Wallet received updates primarily for some bug fixes and performance improvements. 

Following are the major updates included in the releases.

  • Fixes bug estimating gas price and priority fee.
  • Performance improvements when fetching tokens and price data.
  • Fixes issue with suggested gas fee fiat value

Mobile Wallet v0.5.8

The SelfKey mobile Wallet v0.5.8 was released in the last week of September, received some minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Download the latest SelfKey Wallet now.

The SelfKey Identity Wallet is a free identity solution for Windows, Linux and Mac. Get yours today!


SelfKey had a great month in terms of partnerships and associations. SelfKey partnered with two projects during September.


SelfKey, partnered with the upcoming messaging service platform CrypTalk. SelfKey also became one of the first crypto projects to get a verified status on the CrypTalk platform.

CrypTalk is a messaging service designed to bring together verified projects and potential investors by creating a safe and secure crypto space. Crypto projects undergo thorough verifications and a number of security measures before being verified by CrypTalk.

Read the announcement here.


SelfKey entered a partnership with the upcoming social media platform Blockster. In addition, a business page for SelfKey is also created on Blockster.

Blockster is an innovative social media platform exclusively dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The vision of the Blockster platform is to offer its users a one-stop spot for everything concerning cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Read the announcement here.

That’s all for this month. Stay safe, and Thanks for reading.

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