SelfKey Progress Report for October

October was a fantastic month for SelfKey. Not only did the Wallet exit Beta but we also launched the Corporate Wallet and managed to partner with two exciting organizations. 
09 Nov 2019

Hello and welcome to the SelfKey Progress Report for October. It was another very busy and productive month for the team - one in which a number of important steps were taken. 

Before we dive into the details however, we’d like to start off by thanking the SelfKey community for the excellent feedback we’ve received around the Corporate Wallet launch and Beta Exit. Constructive feedback from the community is invaluable to our mission and helps us to make meaningful changes quickly. If you have ideas about how we can develop our ecosystem, make sure to let us now in the ideas portal or via Telegram.

SelfKey Wallet exits Beta ?

On the 8th of October the SelfKey Wallet exited Beta. This was a huge milestone for the SelfKey team and signaled the beginning of a new era. Since launching in June of last year, the team has put countless hours into improving the SelfKey Wallet with new features and a more intuitive UI. 

The Wallet now contains the Bank Accounts and Incorporations Marketplaces, as well as easy access to dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges all over the world. Of course, we also launched the Address Book as well as custom token functionality. With all this in mind, as well as significant improvements to the Wallets performance, it no longer felt right to present our Wallet as a Beta product. You can read the full announcement here.

Basic Corporate Wallet launch

As the blockchain industry has grown, it has become clear that solutions for corporations are still far behind those designed for regular customers. The cryptocurrency world is very difficult to traverse for businesses aiming to manage digital assets, store important documents or implement a permissions management system. 

The SelfKey Corporate Wallet aims to change this. Corporations will be able to use this solution in order to operate independently of fiat currencies or middlemen. On the 16th of October we launched the basic version of the Corporate Wallet and this will serve as the foundation on which more sophisticated features are built in the months ahead. For more information make sure to check out the full announcement.

The SelfKey Identity Wallet is a free identity solution for Windows, Linux and Mac. Get yours today!

ETHoutlet.com to provide almost instant fiat to KEY token conversions

The digital asset and utility token exchange ETHoutlet.com has committed to listing SelfKey’s native utility token, KEY, and providing a trading pair with the HKD, as well as joining the SelfKey Marketplace.

Based in Hong Kong, ETHoutlet.com operates a Dealer Exchange, meaning traders deal with the platform directly when buying and selling utility tokens. This stands in contrast to the peer-to-peer mode adopted by many mainstream platforms, which relies on every buyer finding a seller and vice versa.

The great advantage of the Dealer Exchange Mode is that transactions can be processed much faster, because no matching needs to be done. As a result, ETHoutlet.com services all users directly, ensuring that orders can be dealt with immediately.

Additionally, ETHoutlet.com has a physical store which interested parties can visit for Over-The-Counter (OTC) trades. This is a great advantage for users who prefer the personal touch and more point-of-sale functions will be announced soon. Read the full announcement here.

Top 20 Exchange Lists KEY/BTC and KEY/ETH Trading Pairs

SelfKey’s native utility token KEY is now available on the top 20 digital asset exchange platform, Bilaxy

Launched in April 2018, Bilaxy has quickly grown into one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges – experiencing daily trading volumes of over $1 Billion according to CoinMarketCap.

Founded in 2017, SelfKey is building a blockchain-based identity management system that will allow both individuals and corporations to protect their online identity. With the number of data breaches increasing year after year, and more than 4 billion records already exposed, this mission is more important than ever. Check out the full announcement here.

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That’s all for this month. Make sure to join us on Telegram and reach out to us on Twitter. Thanks for reading and speak to you soon.

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