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SelfKey Progress Report for September

September was another fantastic month for the SelfKey Foundation as we added more jurisdictions to the Bank Accounts Marketplace.
09 Oct 2019
September Voyage Report

Hello and welcome to another monthly progress report. September was another strong month in which more than 20 jurisdictions were added to the Bank Accounts Marketplace, SelfKey was nominated for an award, and became a member of CryptoUK. Let’s dive in.

Adding 20+ jurisdictions to the Bank Accounts Marketplace

In August we launched the third Marketplace within the Wallet: Bank Accounts. Here you can research, compare and register for both personal and corporate Bank accounts from all over the world. When we launched, we started with two jurisdictions - Hong Kong and Singapore. 

In September we added more than 20 excellent jurisdictions, including Switzerland, The Cayman Islands, Czech Republic and Puerto Rico. The more countries available in the Marketplace, the more likely you are to find your ideal place for a corporate or personal bank account. Make sure to download the SelfKey Wallet today and check it out.

SelfKey Protocol is maintained by a DAO of SelfKey iD Holders. Join us and help revolutionize identity management in Web3!

SelfKey is nominated for the Blockchain Identity Management Use Case Award

Since 2017, SelfKey has been building an end-to-end identity management system that will allow anyone with an internet connection to control their data online. We are therefore delighted when others recognize the work that we have been putting in to truly leverage blockchain technology for all its potential. 

The Blockchain Identity Management Use Case Award is given by Disruptor Daily, and you still have time to vote for SelfKey. Being nominated and potentially winning awards such as these helps to bring awareness to the excellent work the team has done over the last two years. If you have a free second, please vote for SelfKey.

SelfKey becomes a member of CryptoUK

As blockchain technology continues to mature, it is vital that stakeholders come together to defend the interests of the industry. CryptoUK was launched in 2018 and is the UK’s self-regulatory trade association representing the cryptoasset sector.

Members, comprising leading companies from across the sector, believe that cryptoassets can help enhance the way we undertake financial transactions, to the benefit of consumers, business and security. 

We are very happy to be the newest member of CryptoUK, and aim to represent the best interests of the SelfKey community.

SelfKey partners with Livetree

SelfKey has grown rapidly in recent months and with Livetree, we are delighted to welcome another excellent partner to the ecosystem. Livetree is a media platform that allows you to discover new films and TV shows, while also sharing the experience with like-minded people. 

In order to facilitate community interactions and engagements, Livetree utilises SED - their native utility token. Thanks to our new partnership, SelfKey users can claim 5 SED by signing up for a free account using this special link.

SelfKey Wallet to exit Beta on October 8th

On the 28th of June 2018, the SelfKey Identity Wallet officially launched as a public Beta. At the time, the Wallet primarily allowed you to manage your ERC20 tokens and create a SelfKey ID

Since then, the team has been working tirelessly to launch the Marketplace, create new identity standards and make the Wallet even more user-friendly. With the successful launch of the Bank Accounts Marketplace in August, and the Incorporations Marketplace prior to that, the Wallet now delivers far more capabilities than a typical Beta release

Therefore we are excited to announce that the full version of the SelfKey Identity Wallet, including a subtle redesign, will be released on the 8th of October. Download the Wallet today to make sure not to miss it.

On the blog

Providing informative content that helps our community make good decisions is one of the most important things we do. Therefore we provide fresh content every month to help you get an edge. Here’s what we published in September:

Offshore Business Bank Accounts | The 11 Best Countries

Offshore business bank accounts open an array of exciting opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Here we list 11 excellent jurisdictions accessible via the SelfKey Bank Accounts Marketplace. Read more.

How to protect yourself from identity theft

Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the world, affecting millions of people every year. In this article we show you how you can start protecting yourself against it and how blockchain technology will make a big impact. Read more.

A Comprehensive List of Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacks

Hacks and data breaches happen on an almost daily basis. Cryptocurrency exchange hacks are particularly damaging because they typically affect thousands of users and involve the loss of funds. Here we provide an updated list of all major cryptocurrency exchange hacks. Read more.

Offshore Bank Accounts – The 12 Best Countries to Choose

The SelfKey Wallet offers an array of personal and corporate offshore bank accounts. Here we look at the top 12 in more detail. Read more.


Thank you for reading the SelfKey progress report for September. If you have any questions or comments, make sure to join us on Telegram. You can find our previous progress reports here.

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