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How to Qualify for SELF - SelfKey DAO's Bug Bounty

SelfKey DAO's engagement system aims to foster an active, equitable, and fair ecosystem. And, by contributing to the DAO's well-functioning, participants may have the opportunity to qualify for more SELF tokens.
02 10 月 2023
SelfKey DAO members happy to participate in the Bug Bounty.
SelfKey Protocol is maintained by a DAO of SelfKey iD Holders. Join us and help revolutionize identity management in Web3!


SelfKey DAO aims to be an active, balanced and positive environment with the goal to facilitate secure interactions between its members. 

Because active participation is what makes a DAO thrive, SelfKey DAO has opened an opportunity for its participants to qualify for SELF tokens. Members may achieve this by helping to identify technical glitches and errors that hinder the optimal use of SelfKey DAO products.

In this article, we’ll walk through all the steps you need to take in order to take part in this exclusive “bug hunt”. Additionally, we’ll discuss how you may qualify for SELF tokens through your consistent and active participation in the SelfKey DAO. 


  • The SelfKey DAO - Benefits and How to Become a Member
  • The Bug Bounty 
  • Other Ways To Qualify For SELF Tokens
  • Conclusions

The SelfKey DAO - Benefits and How to Become a Member

Introduction to the SelfKey DAO

With a focus on digital identity security and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSID), SelfKey DAO’s vision is to become a network of individuals with the common goal to contribute to a more secure decentralized future. 

As opposed to some centralized systems, which rely on a single authority to control and manage the private data of all individuals which take part of it, SelfKey DAO strives to have no centralized authority. The aim is to maintain fairness, transparency and equality among its members, by encouraging every individual to participate in the governance process. 

Additionally, SelfKey DAO is focused on minimizing private data exposure during engagement between individuals online. The intent is to enhance digital identity security and mitigate the risks associated with data breaches and identity theft. 

For a more in-depth presentation of the SelfKey DAO, please visit the following link.

How to become a member of the SelfKey DAO

In order to become a valued member of the SelfKey DAO you must fulfill certain requirements. For instance, you must be of legal adulthood in your respective country. 

Additionally, you must own a SelfKey iD, which you can obtain simply by visiting this link and connecting your digital wallet. 

Please note that in order to obtain a SelfKey iD, you must provide legal, authentic documents and a selfie as proof of individuality. The purpose of this is to preserve digital security within the DAO.

What is a SelfKey iD?

A SelfKey iD is a revolutionary method of digital identity management aimed at enhancing your digital security through the minimization of data sharing, or through the use of zero-knowledge filters. 

With a SelfKey iD, you may participate in the SelfKey DAO and enjoy the benefits which come with owning and using one, such as the possibility to vote the unlocking of the SELF token.

Additionally, SelfKey iD owners may qualify for and mint SELF tokens by participating in certain actions aimed at enhancing the security, well-being and overall balance of the DAO.

What makes a DAO thrive is consistent, active participation from its valued members. Therefore, SelfKey DAO provides this opportunity to its esteemed members to qualify for more SELF by taking part in the Bug Bounty.

The Bug Bounty 

What’s the Bug Bounty?

SelfKey DAO presents the Bug Bounty initiative, inviting members to actively spot and report technical glitches, errors, or bugs within SelfKey DAO products. 

This endeavor seeks to foster community involvement, ensuring SelfKey DAO’s tools function optimally. It may not only enhance product reliability, but participants also stand a chance to qualify for additional SELF tokens.

In the Bug Bounty, members can submit errors they stumble upon while using SelfKey DAO products.

Who can submit bugs?

This opportunity is exclusively available only to eligible members of the SelfKey DAO. 

Please note that in order to benefit from this engagement proposal, you must be a SelfKey iD owner, otherwise you will not qualify for SELF tokens.

How to submit bugs?

At the moment, active members can only submit bugs via the official SelfKey DAO discord group. If you aren’t part of it, you are welcomed to join by clicking on the following link.

There is a dedicated channel on discord where you can submit errors or bugs and in which you can open a ticket.

Please take note of the following requirements before submitting a bug report:

  • Make sure that the bug isn't already listed in the known-bugs channel. Support will not take duplicates into consideration.
  • Provide a detailed step-by-step walkthrough and screenshots for bug reproduction. The report needs to be clear and contain precise information on the error.
  • Please include essential technical details, such as OS and browser versions, with your report.
  • Only bugs found on and web apps will be accepted at the moment.

How will support handle the bug reports?

After you’ve made sure you have correctly submitted a bug report, please wait patiently for support to handle the process. If your submission respects the requirements listed above, you will be informed. 

Support will check and determine if you qualify for SELF tokens, including the amount of SELF you may be eligible for if your submission is accepted. The severity* of the bug you’ve reported will have a huge influence on determining how much SELF you may qualify for:

  • For one minor bug - 1 SELF
  • For one medium bug - 3 SELF
  • For one critical bug - 10 SELF

*Please note that support will determine the severity of the bug.

Be aware that the quantity of SELF tokens you may be eligible for bug report submissions may vary over time. Stay updated and continue contributing to ensure you benefit from this initiative.

Additionally, if support determines you qualify for SELF, you will see the respective tokens in the DApp.

Other Ways To Qualify For SELF Tokens

Given that decentralization is against having a single authority control and manage the whole system, SelfKey DAO values participation from all members. The purpose is to include members by inviting them to contribute to the development of the DAO. 

Therefore, SelfKey DAO has opened another opportunity for participants to qualify for SELF tokens. 

As stated above, you must be a SelfKey iD owner in order to participate in the SelfKey DAO and benefit from the privileges it offers. By introducing an eligible member to the SelfKey DAO, you may qualify for more SELF. 

It is indeed as effortless as that - simply invite another eligible member to become part of the thriving SelfKey DAO, and you may be eligible for SELF tokens yourself.


DAOs may also provide numerous benefits for its active participants, including the ability to vote for changes in the benefit of the whole community, and have their voice heard. 

In turn, active participation and consistent engagement from members are vital for a DAO to function properly and to thrive over time. 

If you want to participate in the SelfKey DAO, get your very own SelfKey iD and join a community of like-minded individuals!

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