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The Future of NFTs: SelfKey's Customizable Collectibles

With the increasing importance of online privacy, minimizing the exposure of personal data has become crucial. However, hiding ourselves entirely is not the solution. SelfKey envisions a decentralized approach where individuals can express their unique identities while safeguarding their private information. Through Customizable NFTs, SelfKey aims to provide a solution. These NFTs may allow users to tailor their digital avatars, representing their personalities and interests. By owning a Customizable NFT, individuals may have greater control over their online presence while maintaining data privacy. Discover how you can obtain your own Customizable NFT and unlock its potential with SelfKey.
13 4 月 2023
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Maintaining the privacy of our personal data is crucial for our safety and the safety of our loved ones as we navigate the online world. However, the question arises: how anonymous can we be before losing our sense of “self” in the sea of faceless identities?

SelfKey introduces a possible solution with Customizable Non-Fungible Tokens (NTFs), called Normies.

SelfKey iD may be the best approach to managing digital identities with the data owner at the helm. And, by attaching Normies to a SelfKey iD, individuals may be able to build the outer layer of their online identity. With a wide variety of digital assets that can be combined in countless ways, Normies can be designed directly by the user, so that they will fit the user’s personal preference or needs. 

This way, individuals may continue to express their personality and creativity online, while keeping the security of their valuable, private information.

In this article, we will thoroughly explore the possibilities SelfKey’s NFT packs offer, as well as how to obtain and mint them.


  • SelfKey iD and NFTs
  • SelfKey’s Customizable NFTs
  • NFT packs and How to Obtain Them
  • NFTs and Web3
  • Conclusions

SelfKey iD and NFTs

A brief introduction of SelfKey iD

SelfKey iD is an innovative approach to online identity verification which may be a better solution than traditional KYC (know your customer) checks. It emphasizes digital security and privacy, so that individuals may safely navigate the online world.

One of the key benefits of SelfKey iD is its ease of use and affordability, which may make it more accessible to users. The overall process is streamlined and easier, removing the need for complex and time-consuming traditional KYC checks. This may not only save time for users but also reduce costs associated with the verification process.

Additionally, the onboarding process with SelfKey iD is quick and efficient, which may enable users to establish their online identity swiftly. 

Furthermore, SelfKey iD eliminates the need for repeated collection and storage of personally identifiable information (PII). Existing KYC checks are reused, which may lower the risk of PII display and reduce the potential for identity theft. This may enhance the overall security and privacy of users' personal information, which is crucial in today's data-driven world.

All in all, SelfKey iD may provide a more accessible, efficient, and secure solution for establishing online identity while enhancing user privacy. 

SelfKey iD and NFTs

The ability to customize one's digital identity can be a powerful tool for self-expression. Individuals may be able to showcase their personality, creativity, and style in the online world. 

To increase user-friendliness, SelfKey introduces a unique feature that allows users to attach a distinct NFT series to their SelfKey iD profile picture. This innovative component may not only add a touch of personalization and originality to the user's digital identity but it also reflects the growing trend of NFTs in the crypto space. 

By embracing the boundless possibilities of this new element, individuals may have the opportunity to develop a digital avatar that perfectly aligns with their unique preferences and interests.

This customization aspect may empower users to truly own and personalize their digital presence. Such an element may result in a sense of ownership and confidence in their virtual identity. Furthermore, it may lead to a more immersive and enjoyable user experience. Members can express themselves in a way that reflects their individuality while increasing their privacy.

The addition of the NFT series feature to the SelfKey iD platform is a testament to SelfKey's commitment to user-friendliness, personalization, and innovation. 

SelfKey’s Customizable NTFs

The Normies Project

The Normies Project aims to offer individuals an unparalleled experience in the world of digital assets. It consists of two well defined NFT collections, each with its own unique features and offerings:

  • Base NFTs
  • Wearables

What are Base NFTs?

Base NFTs are equipable avatars that can be personalized with wearables to dress up one’s Normies. With Base NFTs, all verified users  may have the power to mint their own avatar. As there is no maximum supply, Base NFTs allow for limitless creativity and customization.

As an added bonus, every SelfKey iD owner will receive one free Base NFT, making it accessible to all. 

Users may express their individuality by customizing their own avatar with a wide range of wearables. Furthermore, they may use their Normies in virtual spaces, social gatherings, and gaming adventures.

How to obtain a Base NTF Avatar

Obtaining a Base NTF Avatar may be an exciting step towards personalizing your virtual identity in the metaverse. 

The process is rather simple:

  1. To begin, you'll need to go through a simple verification process.
  2. Once you're verified, you'll gain access to the standard customizations available for your Base NFT Avatar. This may allow you to create a unique digital representation of yourself.
  3. After customizing your Base NFT Avatar, you can mint it for free, making it officially yours in the virtual world. 
  4. With your Base NFT in hand, you have the option to further enhance your avatar by purchasing wearable packs. Community members may sell these packs, along with individual NFTs, on OpenSea and other popular NFT marketplaces.

These wearables and NFTs may help you express your personality, interests, and style within the metaverse. Likewise, they may add a layer of originality and individuality to your digital presence.

What are wearables?

Wearables are an exciting addition to the world of NFTs, offering users the ability to further customize and personalize their Base NFT avatars.

From hairstyles to shirts, hats, and beyond, wearables come in various categories, allowing users to express their individuality and style in the metaverse. By adding wearables to their Base NFTs, users can increase the rarity of their NFTs, making them even more unique.

Obtaining wearables is typically done through NFT packs. These packs may contain a wide selection of digital items that users can add to their avatars. The packs may also allow users to acquire new wearables to enhance their Base NFT avatars. This way, users may have a thrilling experience of discovery.

With wearables, users have the power to transform their digital personas into something truly one-of-a-kind. This gives users a good opportunity to showcase their creativity and personality in the metaverse. All in all, wearables are a key tool in personalizing Base NFT avatars to make them truly original and special. Customization includes, but is not limited to: trendy hairstyles, stylish shirts, or fashionable hats. All of which may make your NFT reflect your uniqueness.

NFT Packs and How to Obtain Them

Purchasing NFT packs

Users have the option to purchase NFT packs, which contain a curated selection of wearables to customize their Base NFT avatars. 

Depending on the chosen pack, users may reveal up to 10 different wearables, from hairstyles to shirts, hats, and more. The number of packs users can buy have no limits, which may offer members endless chances to design their NFTs.

Users can buy NFT packs, or redeem NFT packs using SELF tokens, minted by performing tasks that benefit SelfKey DAO. This unique approach allows users to actively participate in the community. Active participants may mint tokens that can be used to obtain NFT packs and further customize their Base NFT avatars.


Members have the option to use their duplicate wearables for a chance to generate super rare wearables, adding an exciting element of rarity and exclusivity to the customization process. By utilizing duplicates, users can participate in a special feature that regulates the number of wearables in existence. This element may make them even more original.

This feature adds an element of gamification to the NFT experience, allowing users to engage in strategic decision-making to potentially unlock unique and highly coveted wearables.

Such an innovative approach may encourage users to actively manage their collection. Simultaneously, it contribute to the rarity and scarcity of certain wearables, making them highly desirable among collectors. 

It may be an exciting way for users to participate in the evolution of their NFT ecosystem and potentially obtain one-of-a-kind, super rare wearables to further customize their Base NFT avatars.

Expansion Packs

With changing seasons, exclusive and time-limited collectible NFTs may be introduced into the packs. These limited-edition NFTs offer a unique opportunity for users to acquire rare and highly sought-after digital assets that are only available for a limited time.

With each new period or season, the NFT packs may be updated with a fresh batch of exclusive collectibles. This may add excitement and anticipation to the design process. These limited-edition NFTs may feature special designs, themes, or functionalities that are only available for a specific timeframe. This method may create a sense of urgency and exclusivity among collectors.

Users who are eager to expand their collection and obtain unique NFTs may be motivated to keep an eye out for these periodic updates and seize the opportunity to acquire these exclusive assets before they are no longer available. 

This dynamic and ever-changing aspect of the NFT ecosystem adds a layer of excitement and rarity to the customization experience, allowing users to continually enhance and evolve their Base NFT avatars with new and exclusive collectible NFTs.

NTFs and Web3

In the future, Normies may play a significant role in Web3 games, granting access to exclusive areas within the games and providing bonuses to the play-to-earn rewards. 

These digital assets will serve as keys to unlock special traits, areas, or uses that are otherwise out of reach to regular players. By owning specific NFTs, players may gain entry to exclusive areas of the game world, revealing hidden treasures, unique challenges, or rare resources and bonuses. 

This integration of NFTs in Web3 games may add a new side of ownership and utility to these digital assets. Furthermore, it may allow players to not only design their Base NFT avatars. At the same time, it may also enhance their gameplay and overall experience. 

It creates a favorable relationship between NFT holding and in-game achievements. This may incentivize players to collect and utilize these digital assets to gain an edge in the virtual world.


SelfKey iD may offer a diverse range of assets that can be utilized for customization, allowing us to express ourselves freely in the online world while striving to safeguard our private information from prying eyes. 

With SelfKey iD, we may confidently navigate both Web2 and Web3 spaces, knowing that our data may remain under our personal control and ownership. However, we can still make ourselves stand out and be recognized by our unique and one-of-a-kind NFTs.

By utilizing SelfKey iD, we may strike a balance between privacy and self-expression, creating a personalized online presence while increasing control over our sensitive information. Overall, it may be an ideal way to operate in the digital world with confidence and freedom.

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