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SelfKey AI-Powered DAO in 2023?

Although the rapid advancement of technology may cause anxiety, AI (artificial intelligence) presents numerous advantages, like improved efficiency and accuracy. SelfKey acknowledges the potential of AI and integrates it into its groundbreaking decentralized solutions, which may elevate security and privacy measures for individuals.
07 4 月 2023

🚀 Dear SelfKey Astronauts, 

During the first quarter of 2023, there was a significant increase in the utilization of AI (artificial intelligence) across various industries, including the adoption of ChatGPT as a language model. 

While AI may be scary, it has its benefits, including improved efficiency and accuracy. SelfKey recognizes the potential of AI and incorporates it into its innovative decentralized solutions, enhancing security and privacy for individuals.

In today's digital era, having a digital identity has become essential, making it imperative to prioritize the protection of data privacy. Even though these sudden rises in technology may be anxiety-inducing, especially with the increasing use of AI, there are many advantages to this technology. 

SelfKey searches for ways to make use of the positive aspects of AI and cutting-edge technology to develop easy, convenient, and user-friendly methods for individuals to manage their digital identities in the online space.

SelfKey is dedicated to providing secure, decentralized solutions that may enable individuals to exercise their self-sovereign identity (SSID) rights. In the recent release of the SelfKey DAO Whitepaper, several important concepts and terms are introduced:

The SelfKey DAO, which is a decentralized autonomous organization that may enable members to mint tokens by actively participating in the governance and maintenance of the DAO.

The KEY and SELF tokens, which may be utilized for services within the SelfKey protocol.

SelfKey iD, a novel online identity verification method that may offer a faster, cost-effective alternative to traditional KYC methods, using AI-powered Proof of Individuality methods.

Overall, in light of the current global crisis surrounding the fall of centralized institutions, SelfKey is committed to developing solutions that prioritize the security of individuals' data while keeping the convenience of centralized systems in mind.

⚡The SelfKey DAO Whitepaper can teach you more about the benefits of decentralized systems.

Featured article:

💡 A Guide to Using SelfKey iD for Digital Identity Verification

Obtaining a SelfKey iD is a smooth and hassle-free process that prioritizes user convenience without compromising security and privacy. The streamlined procedure may ensure that users have access to a secure and private digital identity that they can trust.

Read more → about how SelfKey iD may be used for an easier and more convenient online identity verification, as well as the extra perks it may bring compared to other KYC methods.

In case you missed it:

🙌 The Benefits of SelfKey iD

KYC may be time-consuming, expensive, and difficult for users, potentially resulting in losing customers and missing business opportunities. SelfKey iD presents a groundbreaking method of identity verification that has the potential to be quicker, more secure, and less expensive compared to conventional KYC methods. 

​Read more → about the advantages of SelfKey iD, its features and benefits compared to traditional KYC.

Crypto News

📰 $18 billion revenue Western Digital hacked: Multiple systems breached

Data storage company Western Digital has suffered a cyber attack, with an unauthorized third party gaining access to a number of its systems. The attack, which occurred on 26 March, has caused major service outages, with a number of Western Digital’s storage products, including My Cloud, My Cloud Home and SanDisk ibi, experiencing service disruption. 

Customers are facing a significant loss of data as a result of the breach. The company is implementing proactive measures to secure its business operations and is currently taking its systems and services offline.


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